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Comment Re:Mwahahahhaha (Score 1) 142

> Wallstreet wants so desperately to increase the number of coders to make cheap labor. It is hilarious when coders fight back by diminishing the value of business people

You've mistaken the people one rung up the ladder from yourself for the bosses. The 0.001% will be quite happy to replace the business people with algorithms that further concentrate their wealth. We all serve at the pleasure of the 0.001%

Comment Re:They already use algorithms to make decisions (Score 1) 142

The algorithms will know that other algorithms exist and that any information is instantly translated into buying or selling action, magnified by the other algorithms. End result? The market wildly oscillates between infinity (can't buy at any price) and zero (can't sell at any price) with nanosecond intervals of opportunity during each oscillation.

Comment Re:Kind of consistent, isn't it? (Score 1) 210

> the idiots at the computer store erased [...] 20 years worth of files...

I feel your pain! I lent my car to a friend with the only copies of 20 years of precious family photos in the back and he lost them. Haha just kidding, I wouldn't do something so careless, and if I did I wouldn't blame my friend I would blame myself.

Comment Re:Good then bad then good (Score 1) 172

> Sugar free. First good. Then bad. Then good. Now bad again.

No, sugar-free has always been good. Weird chemicals that simulate some of the taste properties of sugar while causing unknown side-effects are bad.

I dropped all added sugar and much sugary foods from my diet with great results. That means no cake no cookies no ice-cream no soda. Few packaged-factory-produced foods of any type because its impossible to find them without tons of sugar. I have not replaced these with "diet" garbage.

Comment Bzzzt My algorithms say the black man did it (Score 1) 79

Holy shit!

Remember when they found that bank loan "artificial intelligence" programs were discriminating based on the racial profile of your zip code? The program learned from the human examples they were given.

So it isn't impossible that algorithms that insert "likely" pixels into images would perhaps add minority colored pixels in an urban looking scene and white colored pixels in a suburban scene. You can't use image data that didn't come from the actual scene in court!!!!

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