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Comment Re:Maybe good in theory (Score 4, Interesting) 175

Could you elaborate on this massive privacy problem you talk about? Like you don't have this massive privacy problem by using your ISP's DNS servers who can actually match DNS queries to user account?

And who asked if OpenDNS is about "Everyday internet user" crowd? It's A DNS service! Do you want a CSI type frontend with it?

Comment Re:Vista - Stop letting your friends use XP... (Score 1) 455

Vista came out around jan. 2007. Windows 7 will be here sometime 2009. I don't think MS can get away with pushing a new OS every 2 years.

Besides, isn't Windows 2K supported till 2010? People who spent good money on MS software want their patches, pronto.

If you're migrating to Vista, might as well go over to OSX or even linux. A lot of inhouse apps are not compatible with anything above XP. Which means splash money to fix all your inhouse apps. and then splash more money to upgrade to Vista. Oh, and then splash more money to upgrade hardware too.

That's why people hate Vista.

Comment Re:Microsoft will Remain Second Rate Player on Web (Score 1) 107

Your position of defending Microsoft at every turn and opportunity is actually quite silly and paranoid, even childish. Microsoft has clearly done this time and time again. X feature works on all platform except it works better on latest MS platform.

For a long time now, there are websites that work only correctly on IE or you couldn't even access a site without using IE.

Besides your meek attempt of a straw man setup and whining, why don't you use Opera, Chrome or Firefox instead? Webmasters have no obligations to cater to a particular browser.

I guess the tables have indeed turned.


Submission + - Micosoft dossier on journalist leaks

Ludvig A. Norin writes: "Wired journalist Fred Vogelstein blogs about how he accidently got hold of a dossier on himself produced by Microsoft's PR firm, Waggener Edstrom. While it's not unusual for PR people to create background files on journalists, it's notable that this one leaked, and got commented by Waggener Edstrom's Frank Shaw and Wired Magazine editor in chief Chris Anderson. Makes for an interesting read — there's lots to learn from the inner workings of the Microsoft PR machinery."

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