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Comment T-mobile appealing, continuing practice (Score 2) 61

Spotify, mentioned in the summary, is a bad example, since it is one of the many streaming services that is whitelisted. T-mobile allows any streaming provider such as spotify to sign up, without restriction or charges. According to T-mobile, this is allowed by the European law, which takes precedence over Dutch law. So, they are appealing in court and continuing their service for the time being.

References (Dutch, you'll have to pass it through Google Translate):

Comment Re: better options (Score 1) 50

"I've yet to hear a reason why removable batteries are a bad thing for consumers with the sole exception of anorexia."

I used to have an HTC Desire S, with removable battery. A drop from 5 cm with the wrong angle would temporarily disconnect the battery, leading to a power-off. I had to put in a spacer to push the battery harder against the spring contact. (it took quite a while to figure out what the problem was)

I have a low-end LG L40 with removable battery. Every time I drop the phone, the back cover will come off and I end up with a separate battery, cover, and front. At least it immediately removed its own battery when I dropped it in the toilet. (phone is still working after a rinse in distilled water and thorough drying)

And I have a Nexus 5 with "non-removable" battery. The back cover can still come off with some effort; the battery can be replaced although it's a bit more work. And I don't have the above problems with self-disassembly and flaky contacts.

I'll take the "nonremovable" battery, thank you.

Comment Re:Meanwhile, here in Europe ... (Score 1) 250

Where in Europe? The open market does not mean that everything is priced the same everywhere. At least in the Netherlands, I don't think you can get 70 Mbit/s for 16 EUR/mo. The lowest tier is about 20 EUR for 10 Mbps ADSL including phone or 30 Mbps without.

Comment Re:Guide for Pokemon go (Score 1) 57

I did once (July) install an app with that name, but there are many with the same name on the Play store. I uninstalled it the next day because it was crap. Screenshots look familiar, but I'm not sure.

At least I don't see any suspicious files with setuid permissions, but then: /system/xbin/su is also mode rwx. I guess I'll reflash my ROM (CM13) this weekend, just to be sure...

Comment Re:Yay! (Score 1) 258

"the usual human reaction to the smell of Cadaverine (pentamethylenediamine) and Putrescine (tetramethylenediamine),"

Quoting the wiki:

"Basic amines such as putrescine, spermine, spermidine and cadaverine are responsible for the smell and flavor of semen."

What human reaction, you said?

Comment Re:Do bats really control mosquitoes? (Score 3, Interesting) 115

"not only do bats (and purple martins) not eat that many mosquitoes, they also eat other insects that would themselves eat mosquitoes, such as dragonflies."

Dragonflies hunt by sight, during daytime. Bats and mosquitoes are active at dusk and night, so this doesn't sound very likely as far as bats are concerned.

Comment Re:Returning a wet phone to functionality (Score 5, Informative) 83

The use of hygroscopic products to speed up drying is actually based on a misconception, or at least, not as effective as you might think.

The rate of evaporation is proportional to the product D*(p_vp-p_env), where D is the diffusion coefficient of the vapor molecules in air, p_vp the vapor pressure (partial pressure of saturated vapor), and p_env the partial pressure of vapor in the environment.

A desiccant will lower p_env to zero, so it will help a bit; for example, the p difference is (2.4-1.2) kPa at 20 C, 50% relative humidity, increasing to (2.4-0) with a desiccant, a factor 2 increase. However, putting it in a warm place will increase both D (a bit) and p_vp (a lot). Heating it to 50 C in the same environment will increase the p difference to (12.3-1.2), a factor 9 increase. Additionally, D will increase by a factor 1.2. A phone that is switched off should be able to handle such temperatures, so putting it on top of the cable modem is cheaper and more effective.

Even better would be to dry it in vacuum; that will increase the D parameter tremendously. But most people don't have that at home, although I suppose that some creativity with a wine preserver pump might get you somewhere.

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