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Comment Re:Survey says... (Score 1) 363

What a terrible design. Why on earth would you scale back the clock speed when there is actually less load on the charger? Do they use the battery as some kind of heatsink?

I've never had an issue with brown-outs either, but then again I live in the UK where we don't have many and even when we do our line voltage is 230V RMS. Most laptops have universal voltage power supplies so dropping to 120V is no problem. In fact I'm surprised it's much of an issue in the US, considering that such PSUs are normally capable of running on Japanese 100V systems down to 90V (-10%). Does every desktop need a UPS as well?

With the laptop sat stationary on a desk pulling the charger out shouldn't be a big issue. I guess maybe the magsafe magnets need to be a bit stronger. Most laptops don't have gaps where the battery is to let in dust, and if anything would eject it there due to positive pressure created by the cooling fan. The old Macs used to be like that, but I have not taken recent one apart.

Comment Re:Survey says... (Score 3, Interesting) 363

While hard data would be nice we can reason that his results are unsurprising.

The older laptop was a more conventional type and thus would almost certainly keep the batteries a bit cooler than the newer, ultrabook style one. Heat accelerates the decline of batteries. I'm not surprised by this result.

PROTIP: Remove your laptop battery if you are running from the mains most of the time and keep it in a cool drawer somewhere.

Comment You did change the world for the better! (Score 5, Insightful) 496

He is clearly just trying to show remorse and get a lighter sentence now. In any measurable way his actions have made the world a better place, no not resulted in any demonstrable harm (except what the US deserves for its actions).

Can't blame him when he could be facing the rest of his life in jail, but I don't believe him for a second.

Comment Re:Excellent! There pre-reading tests for dyslexia (Score 1) 105

Try introducing him to Japanese or Chinese. Many dyslexic people find they may have trouble with English but not with non-alphabet based languages. Japanese is probably the easier to start with because of the three character sets used two are phonetic and there are only 48 per set (actually it's even less than that, half are just variations of the other half).

Comment Re:jamming tech wont be allowed (Score 1) 209

Depends on what you mean by "jammer". The traditional "blanket RF emission" jammers are illegal most places, but there is nothing to say you can't saturate the 2.4GHz spectrum with data packets that have random MAC addresses. I'm not sure where shorting out the RX antenna comes, but if you do then the transmitter won't be able to do listen-before-talk any more and depending on the firmware may just keep blasting away.


The Grasshopper Can Fly Sideways 127

Phoghat writes "I'm of a 'certain age' and as a child grew up watching shows like "Rocky Jones, Space Ranger and others popular at the dawn of the space age. They always showed rocket ships sitting on their tails and blasting off, and landing, straight up. The shuttle went up that way but had to land like a plane, and anything else was considered impossible or impractical. Now, the Space X's rocket Grasshopper can not only do that, but has demonstrated sideways flight also."

Comment Re:jamming tech wont be allowed (Score 1) 209

You are assuming that the jammer is on constantly and thus easy to locate. There is no need to have it on all the time though, just for a few seconds when some asshole decides to take a call during the movie. Good luck tracking down a relatively low power 5 second burst of RF with no warning of if or when it will happen.

I agree it's a stupid thing to do, but I know lots of people who use phone jammers regularly this way and never attract any attention.

Comment Re:The Technology is Not New (Score 1) 111

I made a little experimental device using this technique. A standard set-top TV antenna and a resistor to generate a small voltage, which I then multiplied up using a chain of simple diode/capacitor doublers. I was able to run a small clock/thermometer off it, and then moved on to charging a super capacitor so that I could do a daily radio transmission using a CC1101 ISM band module and a microcontroller.

The amount of energy available is tiny considering how much space the antenna requires, but using a coil you could probably get it down to something reasonable. There are not many situations where it would be preferable to using solar though.

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