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Comment Re:Not looking at pipeline (Score 2) 247

Their study therefore says nothing about whether women on your founding team has anything to do with whether you will get funding. It just says there are less women founders.

That is incorrect. You are assuming that "received venture capital" is a single, one-off event with equal value every time. As they make clear in the study, it's not. Companies get multiple investments, and the investments differ in size. Therefore, what they look at is not the number of investments if a binary invested/not invested, but the total monetary value of those investments per company.

With a sample size of over 6000 in a timeframe of 2 years, that's statistically valid. They acknowledge that there may be other factors at work, but none of them could account for the very large discrepancy.

Comment Re:Correlation is not causation (Score 5, Informative) 247

According to the study, it's the exact opposite:

"Are there differences in performance outcomes between male and female entrepreneurs funded by venture capital?

When looking at outcome measures, we see that company valuations are significantly and consistently higher for companies with a woman on the team than those with no women."

Comment Re:Correlation is not causation (Score 4, Informative) 247

If you bothered to read the study, they vite evidence that proves causation:

"The effects of sex were investigated in a study of men and women pitching in three experiments, where the results showed that investors prefer pitches presented by men, even when the content of the pitch is the same (Brooks et al. 2014)"

"More specifically, another study of venture pitches finds different results, where sex of the entrepreneur does not influence investor preference for the venture but gender does, whereby there were systematic biases against femininity, and entrepreneurial competence was associated with masculinity (Balachandra et al.)"

Comment Re:Correlation is not causation (Score 1) 247

If they noticed that teams that include women are statistically non-negligibly less likely to succeed, they will use that knowledge.

That doesn't seem likely or supported by any evidence.

More likely, they are mostly not consciously being sexist, deliberately discriminating against teams with women on them. Rather, there is subconscious bias. Both men and women exhibit this bias. Doesn't make them bad people, just human.

Comment Re:I couldn't join...why should they? (Score 1) 734

It really depends on the nature of the condition... Poor eyesight requires life-long treatment in the form of glasses or contacts. The question here is, would be a trans person affect their ability to do the job. And the job ranges from fighting on the front lines to pushing pencils.

To be honest it sounds kind of harsh that they wouldn't let you in. I don't know how your condition affects you, but would it have stopped you from, say, being a maintenance engineer or operating a radar array or driving a supply truck?

And my understanding was that the US military has problems recruiting too, at least periodically when major wars are in progress.

Comment Re:2 reason why (Score 1) 734

Physiological - There's enough issues with men and women serving together in high stress situations. This would be another distraction.

The majority of roles in the military don't involve that though. Some front line troops and special operations people, sure, but most people employed in the military are not even fighters. They are engineers, service staff, administrators, pilots not engaging in dogfights...

And I'd question if being transgender would really have much effect on those situations anyway. It doesn't make people unable to deal with stress or "distracted".

Comment Re:PC (Score 1) 734

Reminds me of the Apollo missions to the moon. There was a maximum height requirement for astronauts, due to the spacecraft being so small. Of course, back then women were not even considered and the fact that the USSR put a woman in space was seen as more of a stunt than anything.

In practical terms there would be little to gain from making fighter aircraft slightly smaller for smaller pilots. The very slight performance advantage would be offset by having a smaller pool of suitable pilots.

Comment Re:Contentious issue (Score 1) 734

I think you mean "courts uphold the constitution all the time".

If there is a legal challenge here, it's likely to be on the basis of not discriminating against people with a recognized, diagnosed medical condition. Being the military there might be an argument about fitness to serve, but if that person can perform their duties...

How does the military treat people with other medical problems, like needing glasses or getting cancer or suffering from PTSD?

Comment Re:Drop the Serial (Score 1) 133

Just to expand on that a little, the issue with parallel busses became that data on each line would arrive out of sync with other lines and the clock.

For example, PCIe 4.0 is 16 gigabits/second per serial channel. Each bit has a width of 0.0625 nanoseconds, during which time light can travel about 18mm. If you wanted to transfer say 32 bits in parallel like the old PCI bus, you would need 32 connections. Problem is that for practical reasons the PCIe slot needs to be quite wide, so if your 32 pins are spaced over say 18mm then the extra distance that a signal at one end has to travel compared to a signal at the other end will mean its signal arrives one clock cycle later than the other.

Then there is clock jitter. When you have a 16GHz clock, the variation from one cycle to the next is a huge problem and low jitter clocks at that speed are very expensive and tricky to use.

You also need to use very small signals when you get up to those clock rates. There is something called slew rate, the speed at which voltage can change. You can either make the change happen faster, which we did and is now quite hard, or you can lower the voltage so it doesn't have as far to go. But lowering the voltage also makes it more prone to electrical noise.

The solution is to use serial. One one differential signal for both clock and data. Differential signals have much better noise immunity, and as an added bonus you only need an 8GHz data rate on either line to get a combined data rate of 16Gb/sec. It also means your cables are smaller and easier to manage, the electronics are much simpler and cheaper etc.

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