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Comment Re:scare quotes (Score 1) 272

The old system was better than the new one. They are one vote away from getting it back.

Why would they write a new bill from the ground up and start fresh building support for it?

Also, do you not see the irony of complaining about people screeching "nazi" and the immediately, in the very same sentence, screeching "nazi" yourself?

Comment Re:Fusion (Score 1) 227

Fusion isn't that great. It doesn't ramp up/down very well, for example. It's also gonna be expensive compared to renewables. While it will be great in niche applications, I don't imagine it will have a massive impact on the electrical grid. By the time it becomes commercially viable it just won't be needed.

Comment Re:I think so, but my kid loves it (Score 2) 420

Some time around 1990 pop music changed. Before then people would write lyrics, and write music, and find a match to combine the two. In the 90s most pop music was the music, the beat and the hook, with some lyrics tacked on. Vocals became just another instrument, they were not really there to convey an interesting message.

It took at least 20 years to really get away from that.

The 90s were not a good time for music, and neither were the 2000s... The cost of producing music fell dramatically, but that meant a lot of badly produced music was getting released. The previously high cost acted as something of a filter.

As for rap, you have to learn to appreciate it I think. Good rap songs have some really clever rhyming and lyrical structures.

Comment Re:Neat device. Got meself one back in Q1 2011. (Score 1) 147

People forget what a brick the first Macbook Air was. At a hefty 1.5kg it wasn't exactly light.

A couple of years later there were dozens of models that were a similar size but weighed half as much, and let you replace various components. Apple deserve credit for starting the trend, but it was definitely a first generation product.

Comment Re:actually pinching nose? (Score 1) 160

Can confirm this works. A big sneeze can be really painful for me (arthritis and CFS) but this technique reduces it to something manageable.

You can also do some prevention to avoid getting to this point. Be careful trimming your nose hairs, because if you trim them too much they stop keeping the sneeze-inducing dust out. If you live in a place where masks are socially acceptable they really help. In places where people don't wear masks, blowing your nose it also effective.

I've tried various cleaning systems but they don't really help IME.

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