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Comment Re:CS is part of IT (Score 1) 520

Is that really what you think IT guys do? The equivalent of fixing your car? What an arrogant statement. Like anything else, there is a spectrum of skills and job types within what you refer to as "IT," just as in any other discipline. Is the new help desk employee that resets user passwords the same role as the architect who designs redundant data centers for high availability or disaster recovery? Similarly, is the web developer who edits Wordpress themes the same as the C programmer writing drivers?

Not all programmers are high and mighty, genius computer scientists. Not all IT workers are Windows monkeys.

Comment Re:The way it should be (Score 4, Insightful) 183

One could argue that this is abusing the domain name system's original intent. To continue your example, why does Ford need,,, etc? They should be using subdomains: The make and model are both instantly more recognizable, as is the Ford brand in general.

The Internet would be a better place if the marketing people would focus on marketing problems and let the technology people implement solutions.


Submission + - New HIPAA modifications under the ARRA (

bwhaley writes: "The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, signed in to law by Bill Clinton in 1996, has shaped the security requirements for organizations that handle individual health information over the past 13 years. The ARRA "Stimulus" bill introduces serious changes and additions to the original legislation. In particular, the ARRA comes with new data breach notification requirements, additional auditing and disclosure rules, and the full wrath of the HIPAA Privacy and Security rules for business associates. Full coverage of the ARRA's effect on HIPAA here."

Behind the Scenes In Apple Vs. the Record Labels 146

je ne sais quoi writes "The New York Times recently posted an article describing what really happened between Apple and the Record labels that culminated with the January 6th Macworld Keynote by Apple Senior VP Phil Schiller." Essentially they discuss a bit of a swap: Apple allowed variable pricing for songs and the industry allowed DRM free music. And apparently the iTunes homepage is a huge hit making device. Big shock.

Comment Whimsical Conference room names (Score 4, Funny) 1397

Ok, this drives me nuts. It's a little off topic, since it's names of conference rooms instead of server names, but the concept is the same.

Here in Colorado, we have 54 mountain peaks that are > 14,000 feet. They're referred to as "fourteeners," and they all (of course) have names.

Every company in Denver thinks they're damn clever by naming their conference rooms after the fourteeners. I don't know how many Long's Peak and Mount Evans conference rooms I've sat in, but it makes me want to hurl my chair at the window.

Ok, time for my anger management class. =p


Scientist Patents New Method To Fight Global Warming 492

SUNSTOP writes to tell us that a relatively unknown Maryland scientist has proposed a public patent that he claims could combat global warming. The proposed plan would require massive amounts of water to be sprayed into the air in an effort to bolster the earth's existing air conditioning system. "First, the sprayed droplets would transform to water vapor, a change that absorbs thermal energy near ground level; then the rising vapor would condense into sunlight-reflecting clouds and cooling rain, releasing much of the stored energy into space in the form of infrared radiation. Kenneth Caldeira, a climate scientist for the Carnegie Institution's Department of Global Ecology at Stanford University whose computer simulation of Ace's invention suggests it would significantly cool the planet. The simulated evaporation of about one-half inch of additional water everywhere in the world produced immediate planetary cooling effects that were projected to reach nearly 1 degree Fahrenheit within 20 or 30 years, Caldeira said."

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