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Submission + - Two novae at dawn

Auke Slotegraaf writes: "Earlier in February, a nova erupted in Scorpius, and then flared up to naked-eye brightness. It is still (Feb 22) visible, and can be seen in the morning sky before sunrise. Then on the 19th, a second nova erupted, just 3 degrees away from the first! It is currently visible in binoculars. It is still unclear how bright the second one may become, but chances are we will have TWO naked-eye novae a cosmic hair's breadth apart! A finder chart of the two novae is at 0222-v1281-scorpii.html"

Submission + - ESR had enough with Fedora, moved to Ubuntu

sufehmi writes: "After almost losing his data because of a minor update from Fedora, ESR finally call it quits. In his posting on fedora-devel@, he lambasted on the purist attitude of the Fedora project, while losing touch with the reality.

I've moved away from Fedora once I realized that security updates are not going very well for older versions, endangering my computers; especially after the Fedora legacy project folded up.

Personally, I think it's possible to find a middle-path; where a Linux distro is both free (as in freedom) and Just Works (tm) for your average John Doe."

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