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Comment it's a good effort (Score 5, Interesting) 379

Right now, I think the team is mostly focused on having "something usable" in OpenBSD and I doubt they care too much about anything else outside their scope.

Having said that - forking OpenSSL to something usable and burning the remains with fire is a great idea, however there is considerable risk that the rush will cause new bugs - even though right now those commits have been mostly pulling out old crap.

Fixing the beast is going to take a long while and several things will need to happen:
- Upstream hurry to put more crap into the RFC needs to cease for a while. We don't need more features at the moment, we need stability and security.
- Funding. The project needs to be funded somehow. I think a model similar to Linux Foundation might work - as long as they find a suitable project leads. But major players need to agree on this - and that's easier said than done (who will even pull them to the table?)
- Project team. Together with funding, we need a stable project team. Writing good crypto code in C, is bloody hard, so the team needs to be on the ball - all the time. And the modus operandi should be "refuse features, increase quality". Requires a strong Project Lead.
- Patience.. fixing it is a long process, so you can't go into it hastily. You need to start somewhere (and here I applaud the OpenBSD team), but to get it done, assuming that above is in place - expect 1-3 years of effort.

Comment Re:And the attempt to duplicate their efforts resu (Score 3, Insightful) 448

USA had absolutely no grounds to remove Saddam Hussein from the power.

The only reason they received U.N mandate is because they fabricated the WMD evidence and outright lied at the hearing.

On top of it they captured people - detained unlawfully without a charge or trial and tortured during their captivity.

Condi Rice and the rest of the Bush Jr. administration should be tried for their crimes.

Comment Re:In other words ... (Score 2) 293

In other words, Microsoft is going to proceed with a vision which may or may not be of interest to consumers, and once again tell us what we want instead of listening to us.

To be honest, if I was the CEO I wouldn't listen to "us" either. Why should I? We (I guess the collective consumers and customers) have no idea what we actually want.

Except perhaps "cool free stuff" and at most "innovation" which doesn't really mean anything at all.

He's been heading one of the divisions that has made most money lately - fairly good choice I'd say...

Comment Re:So, Microsoft, you're saying just like Steam? (Score 1) 592

I agree with all of that - and additionally -
Let me download/buy (all) my games on the Xbox then, just like I'd do on Steam.

I don't want to run to the shop, spend â60 (or whatever your currency ripoff price is) on a game, come home, spend time fidding with the code and then not be able to re-sell/loan in.

If you want me locked in, you gotta give me the on-demand convenience as well - otherwise no deal.

Comment Needs some Qa (Score 1) 384

It's very slow on my S3, scrolling and navigating is hard.
The pop up keeps asking which site I want and half of the time I can't seem to click "classic".
The new site doesn't show synapses, just headlines which makes me click into the stories making it even laggier and jerkier than it already was.

Seems it isn't really ready for prime time yet.

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