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Journal Journal: Hudson River plane crash

It just astonishes me that they got everyone out of that plane safely. Kudos to the Coast Guard and whoever else ran that operation. It's just mindblowing.

Comment Re:What's the definition of green? (Score 4, Insightful) 165

If you believed Greenpeace, we would all be back in the stone-age since everything has some type of impact on the nature.

If you believe Greenpeace, the worst offenders are a) whichever companies get them the most publicity by attacking them (Apple, Nintendo, but not semiconductor makers consumers have never heard of) and b) whoever doesn't give money to Greenpeace.

Comment Incidentally... (Score 1) 76

Not long after we first heard murmurs Microsoft may be ready to lay off as much as 17 per cent of its workforce...

This has been roundly dismissed by many sources at least as credible as the initial "murmurs". (e.g. "The latest to report on the possibility of layoffs at the software giant is the blog Fudzilla, which puts the number of job cuts at 15,000, or nearly 17 percent of Microsoft's worldwide operations.") We'll find out in a week, I guess.


Journal Journal: What to buy on eMusic? 3

My new wireless router came with a coupon for 50 free downloads from eMusic. Is there a particular strength that store has? It seems like mostly the usual unfiltered jumble of unknowns, with no good way to see what gems others have found and Todd Snider is the only one I know at all, with shovelware albums from some bigger-name artists mixed in.

Any suggestions for an artist or genre I could try out, or a better way to browse? The site also has a lot of scripting that my Firefox doesn't like.

Linux Business

Submission + - Layoffs and CEO resignation at OSDL

lisah writes: "Big changes are afoot at Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) with today's surprise announcement of the departure of CEO Stuart Cohen and the layoff of nine other employees. Details are still emerging about what exactly this means for OSDL but according to a preliminary announcement, Cohen is 'leaving to pursue other open source opportunities' and OSDL is 'refocusing the scope of [their] work to better align resources with [their] revenues...'"

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