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Comment Productivity over a lifetime (Score 1) 216

So crunching some numbers. Hard math ahead, watch out: So one spends 2 decades in school. Works for 5 decades. Is on pension for 5 more decades. So one's productive for less than half of one's whole life, and during that time one must support oneself and another unproductive person (young or old).

Comment Re:Want to keep property a certain way? BUY IT! (Score 1) 307

"I did join together with my neighbors to purchase the property. It's called being a citizen and paying taxes."

You and your neighbours paid nowhere near enough in taxes to purchase control rights over that property. You are party to making countless others pay taxes too, and subordinate their personal preferences, in order to "purchase" your beach view.

Comment Re:Only in America (Score 2) 307

"without making any contribution to productivity"

But without the compulsion of government, this can't really happen. Most middlemen do in fact make a productivity contribution. In this case it's pretty clear: it's an auction / pseudo-credit-rating type system that brings value to the landlord. Enabling finding a rental property even at landlords with such high standards bring value to the renters too.

Comment the way you know all this is political BS (Score 1) 321

Quote from TFA that motivates all this:

âoeThe Mercator projection is a symbolic representation that put Europe at the center of the world. And when you continue to show images of the places where peopleâ(TM)s heritage is rooted that is not accurate, that has an effect on students.â

Yes, "has an effect". That's it. Not "bad effect", not "large effect".

Comment Re:And Muffet is employed by? (Score 2) 114

"2) It's not a backdoor."

If facebook received an NSL or warrant, it could trivially trigger this "ugly, obvious, risky" mechanism and read "secure" traffic, with little if any visible sign at the sender / recipient.

It is a backdoor accessible to facebook or people who control it. That's bad enough.

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