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Submission + - Ballmer to analysts you're too bullish about Vista

An anonymous reader writes: Speaking at a recent recent financial analyst briefing in New York, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told analysts they were "somewhat too bullish" about the sales of Microsoft's new Vista operating system. Ballmer also revealed that while he believed the controversial Windows Genuine Advantage anti-piracy program might improve Vista revenue growth, he wasn't counting on it to be a "huge thing on the scale of this business".

Submission + - BonziBUDDY ported to Mac OS X - the world's end?

An anonymous reader writes: As it could be read recently on digg and Ars Technica, the world famoust spyware, the BonziBUDDY, has been ported to OSX, no exatcly like the original but as price for the spyware freeness, with a bit more "profane" attitude to the users. Does spyware free ports of the world famoust spyware bring the mac world in danger? At least it's worth a good laugh.

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