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Comment Handy Android feature I'm missing (Score 1) 90

Usually I've got an iPhone (I'm an iOS developer) but I've got a Nexus 5 as well. There's one feature I miss, and that's to turn on the Do Not Disturb mode for a set time. For example, you walk into a meeting, and turn on Do Not Disturb for 1 hour.

iPhones don't have that, it's an on/off thing and I'm _very_ likely to turn it on, and then forget to turn it off.

I bet there's a jailbreak app for that.

Comment Re:I'm surprised (Score 2) 164

It's not the only thing, of course -- if you look at the iMac Pro page on the Apple website, the first thing they mention, is "18 cores, power to the pro".

But I think they mention the whole Hey Siri thing because raw specs alone are no longer enough to base their marketing on. It's like cars, where the presence of smartphone options can make or break the deal.

Comment Vaporware (Score 2) 99

In software development, it's called vaporware if you're announcing how great the shit is that you're going to develop. VW is behind the pack at the moment, that's why they're blabbering about this, in my opinion.

Right now, I'm driving a Renault Zoe. This is an extremely practical car. The NEDC range is 400 km (250 miles), which realistically is 275 km (170 miles). VW is getting closer, but AFAIK right now does not have anything like that.

Comment Re:None of them.. (Score 1) 300

"A desktop style keyboard is the "best" keyboard"

Actually, I like my (11 inch laptop) thinkpad keyboard with trackpoint so much that I bought a usb thinkpad keyboard (with trackpoint) to replace my workplace desktop keyboard and mouse. Those desktop-keyboard designers are too creative with the shape of the left shift, right enter/backslash, and del keys. Moving the right hand all the way over the cursor pad and num pad to reach the mouse feels inefficient to me.

Disclusure: I'm an emacs user who uses keyboard shortcuts for arrows, pgup/pgdn, and del and I've remapped caps lick to control and use dvorak layout...

Comment USB-C (Score 1) 300

Get the laptop you like, but get one with USB-C. Reasoning as follows;

I really consider the keyboard of most laptops to be "good enough". Would I want to work a full day on it? I don't want to, but in a pinch I could. I'd rather walk up to my desk at work or in my private office. With USB-C, you hook up a single cable and everything is connected: power, monitor, mouse, and a decent keyboard that's good on the ergonomics.

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