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Comment Original submitter here (Score 4, Interesting) 185

Original submitter here... I just came here to compliment the editor (EditorDavid). This is my first time submitting and thought my summary was pretty good. But EditorDavid just went above and beyond, extending it with stuff from Twitter, couple of sentences on Andy Hunt's work ethic cetera.

It's been tradition to hate at the editors here, but this time I have to hand it to them, compliments are in order.

Submission + - Andy Hunt loves the Arduino and Raspberry Pi, hates JavaScript

cerberusss writes: In an interview with Best Programming Books, Andy Hunt mentions he "hates languages that introduce accidental complexity, such as JavaScript—what a nightmare of pitfalls for newbies and even seasoned developers (...) My go-to languages are still Ruby for most things, or straight C for systems programming, Pi or Arduino projects".

Andy Hunt is the co-author of The Pragmatic Programmer and one of the seventeen software developers that published the Agile Manifesto.

Futhermore, he mentions that "I tend to do more experimenting and engineering than pure code writing, so there’s occasionally some soldering involved ;). Code is just one tool of many".

Comment Micro.blog (Score 1) 143

I'm really looking forward to the launch of Micro.blog. I've supported the project, which will release a mobile client and a backend that simply build upon open stuff like RSS (which everyone and their mother supports).

Twitter doesn't have any attraction to me. It's just one big bucket of, well, of everyone. So as a consequence, it feels like I don't know anybody there.

Comment Had to sell it (Score 2) 110

I'm sure there are some problems but in general, the Switch is freaking awesome. I bought it with Zelda, and it's the first time in FIFTEEN years that I'm at work and then think to myself: "oh boy, in an hour or two I can go home and play Zelda!" It's that amazing.

I did have to sell it though. My RSI started acting up and I really really can't risk any problems since I'm self-employed. Damn shame.

Comment You mean I get to see my own data? (Score 1) 50

> Google Maps Lets You Record Your Parking Location, Time Left At the Meter

Mountain View, CA. Although ignored by the general populace, it's a public secret that Google knows everything about your life, including where you parked your car. In a surprising move, Google has decided to let users view their own data. "In general, we have a policy that all your data belong to us", stated Eric Schmid, Executive Chairman of Alphabet, Inc. and after remaining silent at the microphone, finishing his sentence with "and you don't get to see it". He smirks and then explains: "however, in this case it's such a useful feature. I just don't know where I leave any of my cars. They aren't that expensive but our data scientists told me that my cars already occupy 33.85% of all parking spaces in the Greater Los Angeles Area." He adds: "So after using that feature for a couple of years, I suddenly thought, perhaps this is useful to other people. I figured it pretty much offsets all the evil that we've been doing for the last couple of years."

Members of the press start shouting questions and Mr. Schmidt points to one of them. "Andy Ihnathko of the Chicago Sun Times -- mr. Schmidt, when will this project be abandoned?"

Google's chairman narrows his eyes and replies: "How would you like my robot to color your sideburns red with the blood from your assh---" at which point the Alphabet head of PR hastily switches off Mr. Schmidt's microphone and declares the press conference finished.

Comment Unbelievable that PCs/Macs are still sold with HDD (Score 3, Insightful) 167

I find it almost unbelievable that people are still sold computers with old-fashioned HDDs. At the coffee machine, a secretary told me they bought a spanking new iMac. "But it's so slow", she asked, "is that normal?"

I told her to bring it back and get a model with an SSD. She didn't know what it was. I find it unbelievable that salespersons still sell this shit to consumers.

Comment PAR2 (Score 1) 475

I've created PAR2 files for all my photos. I've got a kid and although I make multiple backups, I neither trust the filesystem (HFS+) nor the backup (Time Machine and CrashPlan). Especially with photos, it's really easy because it makes sense to put them in directories per time period (for example every quarter or month), for instance, "/Pictures/2017 Q1". When you create a new folder, just create par2 files in the old folder, like so:

$ par2create par2file *

To verify them:

$ par2verify par2file.par2

Big advantages of par2 versus other methods:
- It works independent of file system
- It can not only verify but also repair

Comment Re:Pine not Wine (Score 1) 157

I can't let a mentioning of Wine slip by without also pointing to the commercial version by CodeWeavers. I'm not currently running Linux on the desktop, but if you're a freelancer like me, it's VERY helpful to have Microsoft Office running reliably and out of the box.

No shares in the company, just love their product and the fact that they heavily commit to Wine.

Comment Didn't expect it in the enterprise (Score 1) 220


The Razer Blade series have become the default coding machine for many out there

I didn't expect this to be true, but at my current client we have two guys working on maxed-out Razers. One guy wants it for his Windows VMs. And the other guy runs Android Studio. (As for myself, I'm an iOS developer so I work on a MacBook, and run my server stuff on a Linux VPS.)

Comment Re: Fake News (Score 4, Insightful) 278

No woman I've asked likes the way brown diamonds look- even if you call them "chocolate".

The weird thing is, I can't imagine why anyone would like a plain diamond. It just looks like glass. Rubies, emeralds and sapphires are colorful and can compliment ones eyes, or clothes or accessories, while diamonds just don't attract attention. Unless there's a dozen of them, in which case you're bankrupt.

Of course, I'm just a man and I wouldn't understand anything a woman wants.

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