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Submission + - Use PHP Profiler to Find and Hasten Plodding Code

IdaAshley writes: If your PHP application is plodding, use a profiler to target and measure where time is being spent or memory is being used. You can target the statement, loop, function, class, or library that's most sluggish. Part 1 of this "Make PHP apps fast, faster, fastest" series demonstrates how you can accelerate your entire site by eliminating redundant work using XCache, a PHP opcode cache.

Submission + - Nanotechnology leading to molecular machines

dr_nomad_x writes: a number of enticing research papers on the use of catalysis and molecular motors to produce movement. One paper mentioned sounds particularly useful: an overview of progress on Synthetic Molecular Motors href="http://dottrans.blogspot.com/">Read More...

Journal Journal: Improving job market for coders? 6

Today one of the other programmers in the bullpen gave his notice - he's going to work at another company as of Monday. The rest of the week is going to be spent familiarizing myself with his code.

So what do I find in my email when I get home? A headhunter says she has "an urgent opportunity" that "I thought might interest you." And I wasn't even looking ...

Has anyone else noticed a higher-than-normal turnover as employers raid each others' talent?


EU Commissioner Slams Music Lock-In 293

Nonu writes "EU Commissioner for Consumer Protection Meglena Kuneva has come out against DRM lock-ins like Apple's iPod-iTunes combo. Kuneva said she believes the tie-in that keeps music bought from the iTunes Store from playing on MP3 players other than the iPod was unreasonable. '"Do you find it reasonable that a CD will play in all CD players, but an iTunes song will only play on an iPod?" asked Kuneva. "It doesn't [seem reasonable] to me. Something must change."' The EU is in the midst of an effort to harmonize its consumer protection laws, and along with the question of DRM tie-ins it is also looking at mandating cooling-off periods during which customers could 'return' downloaded music."

Submission + - EFF Reveals Plot to Cripple European Televison

poopie writes: From BoingBoing:

EFF has just published a long-awaited, brilliant paper on Europe's proposed digital TV DRM system. ... EFF is the only consumer group admitted to the DRM negotiations — closed door, secretive meetings that you had to pay EU10,000 a year to attend — and then only because it came as the representative of some open source manufacturers. Speaking of which, the DVB spec requires that devices be built to resist end-user modification, which means that open source and free software are right out.
Read the EFF DVB briefing paper Who controls your Television

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