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Comment Re:Obama has no right to do this (Score 1) 557

I am so Partisan, I am a Libertarian!

Well, if it isn't partisanship clouding your thinking, I guess it must be something else.

Ok so now, there is no evidence of any hacking, I thought that was what Obama was looking for.

You're going in circles. I clearly stated above that hacks occurred, and that their existence was beyond refute. Maybe you should re-read my posts before you comment any further.

Not sure what you're point is, other than to assume I am something I am not.

My point has been and continues to be that you cannot claim hypocrisy on the part of Obama for ordering a review of the hacks that occurred during the election just because he criticized Trump's baseless allegations of voter fraud. Hacking and voter fraud are two different crimes, yet you continue to conflate the two because for some reason you really really want to call the President a hypocrite. You can call him whatever you like, but your arguments supporting your label don't add up.


Comment Re:Obama has no right to do this (Score 1) 557

I find it hilarious that you think that "vote fraud" and "hacking" are some how not the same in regards to corrupting the outcome of an election.

You're still not thinking clearly. I merely point out that when Obama (rightly) criticizes Trump for his unfounded claims of voter fraud, Obama is not being hypocritical (as you claim) by ordering a review of the hacking activities that occurred during the election. The FACT that these hacking activities occurred isn't open for debate, while allegations of voter fraud are completely without evidence.

It's also worth noting that Obama's review isn't about investigating hacks of voting machines (of which there is ZERO evidence) that would have corrupted the vote count. It's about the hacks of the systems of various political organizations and the resulting information leaks and their possible effects on the outcome of the election. This investigation isn't about calling into question the legitimacy of the election; Trump's baseless allegations clearly were.

Vote Fraud it Vote Fraud. It is either "mythical" or it is real.

Hacking the DNC and airing their dirty laundry isn't voter fraud. Did it influence the election? Perhaps. But it still isn't voter fraud and it's astonishing that anyone in their right mind would conflate the two.

There is plenty of hypocrisy by both (R) and (D) here. Its just that the Hypocrsy of the (D) is really clear this time.

LOL, now I understand. You're one of those unfortunate souls whose partisanship dictates their logic. "Oooo, the Ds are WAY more hypocritical than the Rs!" Really?!?

You're just pissed that they were caught.

Huh? Who was caught doing what? Never mind. In any event, I'm not pissed about the election or anything to do with it. My guy won.

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