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Comment Re:Untested? (Score 1) 357

That's not a better question. EVERY Olympic team invests loads of money into clothing design to gain an advantage. Period. There's nothing unfair about it.

On top of that, they do it for nearly every freaking sport! This isn't even something new, how can you not know about this?

Also, I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time an Olympian or Olympic team has complained about something like this.

Comment Re:Yes but (Score 1) 745

That's funny, because my non-tech savvy co-worker saw my phone on my last visit to our Shreveport office and commented about how his wife has exactly the same phone, and loves it.

One of the women who was in my defensive driving class last night also had one.

I don't see nearly as many Android based phones as I see iPhones, but they're still pretty popular.

Comment Re:Shame it's not the other way around (Score 1) 71

I disagree. I like facebook. It is a good way for me to keep track of my friends across the world.

(I haven't used Friend Feed before, so I'll look into that now..)

I used sites like myspace for a while, but most of them don't do a very good job of letting you interact with people and even worse of a job keeping you updated on what's going on.

facebook shows you most of the relevant updates you care about right when you login and does a good job of notifying of when there is an update to something you might want to see.

You don't have to surf to all of your friends profiles every day to keep track of them, anything they post is going to show up on your wall when you login.

I like that.

So what are my other options for keeping track of people I care about? Use my phone/email contact list to send them an email or call them on the phone every month?

Nah. That's the only way of doing it and it's not very efficient :p

Comment Re:100 miles with or without A/C? (Score 1) 586

I didn't mean to imply that Texas was the gold standard or anything. It's just a big state, and doing a lot of driving isn't abnormal around here compared to a lot of other places.

If you do a google search for average commute to work and average mile commute to work you will see that the average miles people drive to work is about 15 miles one way or 30 miles total.

NY has the highest average commute time at nearly 40 mins. The average for the US is 25.1 mins.

Having long commutes might not be uncommon, but they are not the norm. The average driver does NOT drive 40+ (80+ miles both ways) to work.

Some times you trip to work feels a lot longer than it actually is. Hop on mapquest or google maps and calculate your actual trip to work. I bet it's shorter than you think.

My trip to work was literally half what I expected it to be. Same with one of the guys I work with who swore his trip was a lot longer than what it turned out to be.

Anyway my main point was that people who have a short drive to work are NOT the elite few. That is all.

Comment Re:100 miles with or without A/C? (Score 1) 586

People who own a house and have a short (under 40 miles) drive to work are the elite few??

Bull shit. I'm from Texas. When I had to drive across town to go to work in Austin my drive was still only 25 miles.

I drove from my place in Leander all the way past down town Austin and it was under 30 miles. That's a long drive to work for most people here. (most of the people I know would move closer to work if they had to drive that every day).

I have family who live out in the country (Happy Texas, Amarillo Texas, etc) and driving anything over 5 or 10 miles is considered A LOT to them.

I seriously doubt driving 40 miles to work every day is considered the norm. What a load of crap.

Comment Re:Obviously not for kids. (Score 1) 73

I call BS on that number.

Not once have I ever been asked who I'm purchasing a game for (my 7 year old daughter, birthday presents for cousins, friends kids, etc).

Not once have I ever been carded when buying a game or asked for my age.

Not once have I ever seen or taken a survey asking me questions along these lines.

So where are they getting their numbers from?

How many kids do you know that don't play video games?

How many pre-teens, tweens and teens do you see taking survey's?

If the survey was done online, was it a site that pre-teens, tweens and teens surf often?

If the average gamer is 30 then why has Nintendo cornered the market with "kiddie" games?

You could point out how well M rated games sell, and I could point out a lot of parents who purchase those games for their teenagers.

Why does everybody on here always complain about all the young teens on x-box live and other online services?

If the average gamer was 30 wouldn't most the people on those services be 30 and not 14?

I could go on forever.

I bet there are as many kids from age 3 to 17 that play games as there are 18 to 32 year olds.

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