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Comment Re:It's true. (Score 1) 214

If Apple only makes their money selling hardware, how about opening up the OS to allow people to install anything they want? I'm happier having Google handle my searches and email than giving money to a company that keeps attempting to lock people to their 'walled garden'. Many people still use Google services even if they have an iOS device as well, as it tends to be some of the best available. Apple can get in all the 'digs' they want on their competition, but the RDF ain't what it used to be.

IIRC Apple also makes tons money selling software and media. If you prefer living naked in Google's glass house to living fully clothed in Apple's walled garden that's your preference.

Comment Re:Why would you want to? (Score 1) 92

I honestly I think this, like the Samsung Round, is a "shot in the market" to see what people want. Basically Korean makers now have flexible screens, but can't (yet) make fully flexible phones, so they're just sort of coming up with random phones to see where the interest lies.

It's basically early alpha editions of what will eventually be fully flexible phones. That's my take, anyways, from visiting Korea and seeing this stuff.

Why would I want a fully flexible phone that can be twisted like a block of rubber? A device like this one, for example, would just annoy me. I can see lots of uses for electronic paper, like wallpapering your apartment with it and changing the scenery on the walls depending on your moods (like they did in Cloud Atlas) but rubber phones? Perhaps if the device was mildly bendable and would adjust to the shape of your butt-cheek like this one does when you stuff it into your back trouser pocket that might be useful. I suppose Samsung could sell some phones to novelty freaks with wrap around displays also annoying, unless perhaps if you use the wrap around part for software buttons or curved/shaped displays (less annoying) but these are hardly a must-have feature. Just about the only really interesting concept prototype of a flexible display device that I have seen so far was a cylindrical e-reader where you could pull out a thin flexible screen and then reel it back into the device. It offered the same reading area as a small tablet but took little more space than a large roll of coins. It looked a bit like this thing. Then I began to wonder what happens when you want to use a ultra flexible electronic paper display like that as a touch-screen interface. Try holding up a thin and flexible piece of cardboard and think about what it would be like to use as a touch screen. Perhaps a device like this could use voice commands (don't have much hope for that after variations in english accents defeated Siri) or eye and gesture tracking instead?

Comment Re:If he had reported it through official channels (Score 3, Informative) 504

Especially channels amenable to spying on US citizens, we would never have heard of Snowden or the spy programs. If he had then tried to publish via other means, neither would his family. At the risk of Godwin: If you were, say, a German administrator learning about the death camps and being absolutely appalled, reporting it to any senior Nazi official wouldn't do much good.

And it didn't for those who naively did tried to do this. Case in point, John Rabe, a Siemens employee in China saved the lives of tens of thousands of Chinese civilians in during the rape of Nanking. He was rewarded with a gag order upon his return to Germany for embarrassing an ally. Post war he was brutally interrogated by the NKVD and then by the British and died in abject poverty sustained by money and food donated by the people of Nanking. Rabe he was one of the lucky ones. Many altruistic individuals who saved lives during WWII ended up being punished by their own countries for what they did.

Comment Re:Yeah, right... (Score 1) 504

All this is obviously pretty hypothetical. What isn't hypothetical is the preemptive US extradition request that arrived pretty much immediately after this has hit the headlines.

...seems like this preemptive extradition request wasn't issued in response to the latest German involvement. The US pretty much carpet-bombed the world with those yonks ago. Personally delivered by carrier-drone, presumably.

... and scotch-taped to a 2000lb JDAM.

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