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Comment Re:Who did they talk to? (Score 1) 557

Not too far behind you. I've saved my ass off my whole life and my home is nearly paid for. When it is I'll save some more and likely buy something somewhere cheaper and then GTFO. This wasn't luck, it was planning and it was saving and it was being satisfied with what I had instead of always trying to move up and up with my home. I hope it pays off and I'm happy to say I've at least enjoyed myself along the way as best I could. My biggest issue is knowing how much is "enough" and wondering when and if some jackass in the govt is going to decide to try and take what I've saved to pay for those who didn't

Comment Re:Dont use lastpass (Score 2) 415

I too use 1Password with DropBox integration vs their pay to play cloud service. I pay nothing and it updates DropBox which is accessible to all of my clients quickly. It can be used for secure notes and other things so all of those security questions that you do NOT put in truthful answers for can be remembered :) My passwords are generated by a different app and I use different passwords for nearly every site now. Get hacked once and you learn the hard way - took me an entire day to track down most of my accounts and fix them!

Someone below mentioned it leaking metadata through a .js file - that file doesn't exist on my DropBox, the .JS files that do don't contain anything cleartext.

Comment Re:Whistleblowers Defend Freedom (Score 3, Informative) 22

This isn't Pat's first rodeo, he wrote a book about the first one and at least one other. They took his clearance, they took his job, they did the same to his wife. Cost them their home and most of their friends but he's still at it and many of the things he wrote in his first book have been proven right. Not sure he's too worried about what they might do to him - he's already been there done that.

Comment Re:Seems to work! :-) (Score 1) 211

Her computer, shared bill for access, traffic tapped coming out of the computer in their home at her request. I had plenty evidence enough using browser history that was kept by IE despite his efforts to clear it. No snooping software was installed. We could prove he was cheating just based on that but the network traffic allowed her to find out times and catch him red-handed with a computer he had hidden. This after she confronted him with the browser evidence and he had sworn he'd stopped. My conscience is clear, some of the crap he was doing was extreme and it impacted the kids. Risk coming home with a disease and kill her? Not cool and I was happy to have helped. In the end he confessed and none of my efforts ended up in a courtroom. I simply helped her confirm he was a dirtbag and that it was time to pull the 'chute after years of BS. Removing doubt in her mind helped a great deal.

To be clear, this wasn't using any of my own infrastructure and no one comes to me for ISP type services. What I run on my own infrastructure for friends isn't anything naughty and they're all fully aware that I can see metadata. No different than any other web server in that regard!

Comment Re:Seems to work! :-) (Score 1) 211

You my friend are an idiot. Snooping? Find me a web server that doesn't contain logs, particularly for services that require authentication and don't specifically state they don't keep logs. Were I not paying attention I might not have known that an account had been shared and I might not be aware of someone breaking in were that to occur.

My friend's are well aware that I can see what occurs on MY infrastructure, when I need downtime and they're on it I warn them so it's pretty obvious. My neighbors don't have access - reading comprehension escapes you? This guy was never granted access, his access isn't valid. As for warning this tool - I might be saving him from a rather expensive and lengthy legal battle. Considering his profession I would certainly be saving his career as well.

I'm sorry if I didn't lay out all of these details to satisfy the anal retentive assholes like you, I wouldn't think it would be necessary since I clearly mentioned this was access to MY infrastructure that I was granting authenticated access to. Now, if I were a real prick I'd have mentioned his IP address for others to look at but THAT would be quite the asshole thing to do....

Comment Seems to work! :-) (Score 1) 211

As it happens I have a database that contains the IP addresses of many of my friends since they hit and authenticate with a server of mine. One of these folks is an older teen and has shared their account with their father who I know is not exactly someone I think much of.

Now, most of my friends are either very tech savvy or not tech savvy at all but this guy is just the sort I can see using Torrent software via word of mouth to download who knows what. I caught him cheating on his wife based on computer forensics I did for her and some network traffic tapped on their network at her behest. This guy is no super genius with computers for sure. Sure enough, the IPs of my friends all come up clean with this Russian service except this one guy. I laughed at some of the crap he's apparently been torrenting! You can certainly get a feel for someone's p0rn tastes based upon what they download!

I may have to warn him, gently, but in the meantime I'm laughing my ass off! :-) I can only imagine what would show up if someone input the exit point of a TOR node or of a VPN service!

Comment Re:Still optimized for Intel (Score 1) 143

Wow, that's a lovely article explaining how Intel CONTRIBUTED CODE to an OpenSource project!

They wanted this application that's heavily used to run fast on their CPUs so they contributed code that utilized H.264 speedups in their processor. Has AMD contributed the same? Does AMD have those speedups in their CPU? Do you think that the Handbrake team would turn down a reasonable OpenSource piece of code from AMD?

The answer is NO and if the leaders of the team tried it would be forked in no time flat and the changes incorporated. FFMPEG has done as much in the past and patches to their code came out that leveraged NVIDIA code so there's certainly precedent. In the end FFMPEG incorporated the NVIDIA speedups, that's how OpenSource works...

Tell me, who exactly do you think got "paid" by Intel? Handbrake isn't a commercial company, it's not a single person, it's a group working together much like Linux as a whole. Code was proposed, code was examined, code was accepted. Intel gets to tout that their spiffy instructions are an advantage and does so. I'll bet they aren't the only media encoder using those same speedups either. Vast conspiracy right? Let's hope Ryzen finally incorporates H>264 instructions and better yet H.265 please!

Now, did Intel cripple THEIR compilers? Yup, sure looks like it! I'd say that's a good reason to not use their compilers. Hell Microsoft got caught doing the same thing to DR DOS back in the day. This would be one of the reasons you benchmark on real data and applications rather than just synthetic benchmarks. If ryzen has spiffy instructions onboard AMD had better have been working with the various compiler programmers or their going to get stuck this time around too...

Comment Re:Still optimized for Intel (Score 1) 143

Sounds to me like he means that when run on Intel certain superior FPU functions come online that AMD doesn't get - well duh. AMD has some optimizations too I'm sure but the user base is smaller, it sounds like AMD stopped helping, and Intel actually has H.264 (and H.265?) functionality that make them superior currently. I'd like to have seen the Handbrake encoding test AMD demonstrated on Broadwell done on Skylake to see if the new instructions helped much. I will be looking for encoding speed when I decide on my next CPU, I currently offload to a VM with many cores but I'd like my desktop highly capable too.

Fingers crossed AMD does it but claiming that Handbrake has somehow taken money to gimp AMD is hilarious - it's not like this is one single cohesive person or entity, their mailing list and code are public!

Comment Re:Still optimized for Intel (Score 1) 143

Yup, the ten core is expensive but the 8 core can be had for a grand and the 6 core at fairly reasonable prices IF you're willing to run a Broadwell E system. Intel is already talking about the next E systems and surprise - new socket! The E systems have generally had expensive mobo so I was going to skip it. IF AMD can undercut pricewise, can beat or meet Skylake, meet Broadwell E levels of performance (which should beat Skylake), then I might purchase. I need a new desktop and am interested so I'm rooting for them. Having been disappointed before though I won't be first in line. I'll almost certainly run an NVIDIA video card too lol

Comment Re:Still optimized for Intel (Score 1) 143

I can get an 8 core for a grand and overclock it to the Moon with Broadwell E. Supposedly there's another E offering coming too. Multiple cores do indeed speed video work and I do lots of it - I use a VM that's given 10 cores and it flies. IF AMD has something that matches Broadwell E and doesn't cost a mint and Intel doesn't immediately bitch slap them via pricing or a new as-yet unreleased CPU then I'll buy AMD no question. More than once though AMD has made noises about new CPUs coming out that would make everyone swoon and failed to hit the mark. This time they're benching against Broadwell E and meeting or beating them at parity or near parity clock speeds. IF they can undercut on overall pricing and IF their CPUs have overclocking headroom (which they seemed to hint at) then I'm onboard. I'm agnostic about who builds the damn thing, hell I used to own stock in BOTH companies. I want to see a strong AMD competitor, so far though I'm reserved in my expectations having been burned by claims before. I'm interested enough though that I stopped my planned Skylake build and will wait for real tests in the real world before I pull the trigger on any parts. I wasn't even shooting for Broadwell level power either but I'll sure take it if I can! :-)

Comment Re:Still optimized for Intel (Score 2) 143

Ryzen is also not the first AMD CPU that has claimed it's going to compete clock for clock with Intel too. As much as I'd like to see AMD actually do it I'm reserving my opinion until it's actually produced and in consumer's hands for testing. That said, I'm holding off a little bit on my planned SkyLake build to see if they've managed to pull it off. If they have it'll be good for everyone!

Comment Re: They respond to warrants?! (Score 1) 106

Because the order was overly broad and was requesting that they build software for the FBI that could potentially be used for additional cases sans warrant. Apple was cooperating with them until the FBI requested that, in fact Apple was cooperating with them prior to receiving a warrant because they understood that this case was of importance for public safety - then the FBI asked for the keys to the candy store and Apple shut them down.

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