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Comment H1B program is bullshit, period. (Score 1) 429

Here is how the H1B program works:

- Company desires to hire a cheaper employee
- Company finds an H1B candidate that fits their needs.
- Company crafts a job ad for the position that matches the candidate's qualifications precisely.
- Company posts ad for required time period.
- Company doesn't find any Americans who matches their qualifications precisely (regardless of them fitting their actual *need*)
- Company then legally hires H1B

Now I've known some great H1B employees and consider some of them good friends. Most of them are on the path to US citizenship, and I'm all for that--well-educated, hard-working, and great all-around human beings.

That said, the very idea that there are "no qualified workers" is total bullshit. H1B employees are cheaper, and once hired are effectively indentured servants. They are highly restricted in terms of being able to travel, move to another job, etc, so they are basically locked in with that employer, who can then screw them over all they want. If there are any issues they simply toss them overboard, leaving the employee stranded in the US without work and without any ability to get new work without going back home first (most of the time, there are some small exceptions).

Comment Diversifying your specialties into obsolescence (Score 1) 211

I'm in the scenario where my work has continued to diversify to the point that my original strongest skills are now outdated. Truly the "jack of all trades and master of none" scenario. That has also put me in more of the position of taking on design and lead roles for larger projects where that diversity in skills is actually beneficial.

That also will mean heading closer and closer to a management position. I'm not sure this is too bad of a thing, honestly. I may not be able to sit down and directly utilizes the latest and greatest, but I do understand it, and understand it well enough to help others do that instead.

As my former boss--who originally wrote software for the Apollo missions--once said, the best advice he was given for management is that you didn't need to know how to do the job yourself, just how to find the right people who could do it and direct them as needed.

Comment Re:May finally get servers updated... (Score 1) 118

Yeah, the architecture changes screwed the entire modding world. Maybe someday they'll finally have a proper mod API and proper support.

As for incentive, the incentive this time around is to prevent having permanently crashed servers. Until the new loader was released that supported easier management of multiple versions the incentive was you'd lose half your players with every update as they automatically updated. With the new loader that became far less of an issue, so yes, a brief period with less incentive.

Comment Just talk! (Score 1) 698

Share stories, share your thoughts, share your ideals and values, but don't lecture. Just talk about yourself and your own feelings. Stories about your experiences with her when she was little (things she likely wouldn't remember herself) would be great as well.

As others have pointed out lecturing and advice type videos will likely not sit well with her, cause undue burden or distress, or simply be ignored. If you want to make some videos like that you'd want them done in such a way that she wouldn't see those until she was in her mid-20's, about the age most of us started to finally mature mentally and emotionally and could actually accept, even crave, that sort of advice.

I like the idea of an extended trip. I'm not sure about pulling her out of school for it, but if you feel you may still be okay come time for her summer vacation, plan something then. Don't make rigid plans, either--nothing makes a trip more stressful than strictly scheduling every moment. Just say you'll travel some rough route with a few places to hit, but no firm dates--a classic road trip.

Most of all, don't totally give up hope on yourself either. Until you're actually in the final stages with organ failure there is always the chance that (real medical) treatments may still win, or at least heavily delay, what seems inevitable right now.

Comment Experienced it recently (Score 1) 611

My brother and I were actually heading down to the Sunset Strip a couple weeks ago for a concert and my brother decided to try the Waze route. We spent far longer than we would have taking that route, back through the hilltop Hollywood neighborhoods--tight windy roads up and down steep hills, tons of low to no-visibility corners, single-lane available width a lot of the way. Seriously dangerous, particularly since it was at night and was raining hard.

Yeah, never again.

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