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Comment Re:Forget the FCC (Score 1) 602

The only problem with that is that there are now television screens blaring at you in almost every establishment you go to. You can't always control what the dipshits out in the world choose to put on the screens in public places.

Personally, I'd rather not have to worry about my little boy being traumatized by graphic violence when we drop in to pick up a pizza.

Comment Re:unauthorized access is unauthorized (Score 1) 545

As other have said - no he owned the router. I will go one step further and point out that all verizon fios contracts require the purchase - not lease - of the router up front. Sometimes they will waive the fee as part of the contract, sometimes you have to pay the $100. But, afaik, all fios customers own their routers.

You are oh, so very wrong.

Perhaps Verizon has different policies in different service areas, but for our service it is very clear that Verizon owns our Actiontec router. I had a good conversation with the tech when he installed our service. It's their router, but the customer gets administrative access to it. They also have the ability to get into it to update firmware, etc. At the time it scared me a little bit since Verizon could theoretically get in through their back door and start accessing stuff on my home network. I suppose they still could with a warrant. I almost added a second-level firewall because of it.

Anyway, the first router they gave me burned out last year. I called their support line and they overnighted a new router to me. The new router came, I installed it, followed their activation procedure, and sent the old one back to them in their pre-paid package. That's how a service provider acts when they own the equipment.

Comment Re:Shame on Slashdot (Score 1) 200

I have an EE degree. What's a good 2nd degree? CMP ENG or Comp Sci? I want to be eligible to apply for more jobs.

You already have a technical degree. Get a business, marketing, sales, or management degree. If you're fresh out of school, you'll be happy in 5-10 years that you did. If you have experience, it will open doors for you now.

Comment Re:Legally owns.... (Score 0) 262

Actually, not true. My understanding of Christianity is that your soul belongs to you. In fact it is the only thing that belongs to you. Your purpose on Earth is to use your Free Will to determine whether you will give your soul to Jehovah or Satan (and hence go to Heaven or Hell) when you die.

And since Jehovah Created you, you'd be a total dick to go to the Other Guy. Ingrate.

Comment Re:That is very interesting (Score 1) 301

Public Service Announcement: The unlabeled* checkbox above the reply textarea causes your carefully crafted reply to be posted anonymously, thereby casting to the wind any fame and fortune you might have obtained from the Slashdot community. Don't check it out of curiosity and then forget about it, unless you possess sufficient attention to detail to notice that the preview is tagged as "by Anonymous Coward."

* Ok, it's really labeled as "Post Anonymously" in white on a white background in my browser. Good job, Slashdot.

Wow, I had seen that "unlabeled" checkbox before and had assumed that the text was bogusly hidden by some css screwup. Indeed it is white letters on a white background. Nice going, guys!


Comment Re:Ninjas? Plural? (Score 2, Funny) 197

Exactly. Personally, I think that this makes complete sense. Ninjas have a reputation for being invisible when they attack. It stands to reason that you would be guaranteed success by sending a vanishingly small portion of a ninja. Of course, you couldn't send no ninja. But maybe a homeopathic quantity of ninja-essence?

Comment Re:Use the Coax as a wirepull for the cat5 (Score 1) 608

I'm using some old Motorola NIM-100's that Verizon used to use with FiOS installs. They work great. I'm using two of them, pluse the MoCa-enabled router that Verizon gave me. Verizon's set-top boxes also use it for on-demand, channel guides, etc. So in total I have 5 MoCa devices connected to the coax. I've never once had a problem with them.

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