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Comment Re:Inquiring minds want to know (Score 4, Interesting) 225

I grew up in the 60s and 70s. I remember some of the cold war films they showed us in school. According to them:

Stay indoors. If you’re close enough to the blast, you’re probably dead anyway (that was mostly just implied). For many more people, though, fallout is going to be the main worry - so stay inside. And even if you still have running water... you probably shouldn’t drink it. Use what’s already in the back of the toilet and in your hot water heater.

Of course nowadays, post 9/11, most reservoirs are supposedly covered - so I have no idea if that’s as important.

In any case, water is probably going to be the main short term issue. If you have some pre-blast warning, filling up as many containers as possible with water is a good idea.

Comment Why did it take 40 minutes to correct? (Score 5, Insightful) 225

This message ostensibly was sent to every cell phone in Hawaii - didn't the guy who "pushed the wrong button" get the alert as well?

And seriously - their first thought when sending out a correction was a Tweet? Don't they have the ability to send an "all clear" over the same channel they sent the "LOOK OUT YOU'RE ABOUT TO DIE!!!" message?

Comment Re:Smells like a political coverup (Score 4, Informative) 185

You might want to read the entire article you’re linking to, since it doesn’t seem to support the narrative you are trying to posit. Especially this line:

”The results of these checks don't give a picture of how accurate the given age of all asylum seekers in Sweden is, as the checks have only been carried out in cases where there was reason to doubt the person's given age.”

So your statement that “most of the 'child refugees' they were admitting were over 18” is, in fact, not what the article says. Instead, what it does say is in those cases where the Swedish authorities suspected the person’s age was not in fact under 18, it turns out their suspicions were correct.

The authorities were doing their job, in other words.

In fact, the story doesn’t actually even claim these people were intentionally lying. It states that one possible explanation is that, during the eighteen months between the time the applications were originally filed and when they were considered, those people had simply aged past eighteen.

Comment Re:FISA Section 702 = Mass surveillance on America (Score 3, Interesting) 114

When congress yet again passes the buck on this law it will be up to the President to step up and order those restrictions and reporting be put into place.

Unfortunately one of the few examples of bipartisanship coming out of Washington over the past decade or so has been the continual support for the erosion of Americans' rights in the name of fighting terrorism.

Comment Re:Adding or reviving languages should be illegal (Score 1) 225

For a runner up, French which is widely spoken in Africa and is expected to eventually become the most widely spoken language in the world due to good improving health care in Africa.

The only people who believe this live either in Quebec or in France. The rest of the world wrote off French a century ago.

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