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Comment Re:Sad that people believe you can see them (Score 1) 42

I've seen them twice - two different nights, as we drove the Al-Can 30-odd years ago.

The first time, I woke up to this weird multicolored glow shining through the top of our tent in far northern BC. It freaked me out at first, even knowing intellectually what it was... but they were amazing.

A couple nights later we were in the southern Yukon, and there was a more tepid, mostly white display for maybe five minutes.

I keep hoping I'll see them again, but so far I've had no luck (although the Skunk Bay weather cam recorded them a few days back). The Pacific Northwest is probably not the best place for Aurora watching.

Comment Which is it? (Score 1) 52

"Martin Landau began his career playing a gunfighter in the third episode of The Twilight Zone, ..."

"... Landau began his career playing a sadistic henchman in Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest"

To be fair, both of these were in 1959. And North By Northwest is probably my favorite movie, so I may be a bit biased here, but - that role may have been just a tad higher profile than a gunfighter who's casting on a fledgling TV show doesn't even rate a mention in the Wikipedia synopsis of the episode.

In any case rest in peace, Mr. Landau.

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