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Comment Re:Why do they care? (Score 1) 280

If iOS is SO good at managing memory & other resources such that an app in this 'frozen state' uses 0 resources why not just 'auto launch' ALL apps when the device is rebooted to put them in this state?

It's the difference between RAM and "disk" (SSD) storage... you almost certainly don't have enough RAM to have all your apps loaded into it at once.

Comment Re:Distinctly untrue, despite the hype (Score 4, Informative) 280

This is the number one reason I force quite an apps. A bunch of location-using apps I use must be force-quit in order for them to stop using my location.

Go to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh and disallow any applications which you don't want to let run in the background... which is probably most of them.

It's a bit irritating that, for most apps, running in the background is enabled by default. There are very few which really need to do that.

Oh, and you may need to occasionally do that again. I've seen all those toggles get re-enabled after certain updates.

Comment Re:Baloney (Score 1) 280

I don't believe it's that cut and dried. I've had too many experiences where I get a warning, long after I stopped actively using a particular app, along the lines of "Waze still using your location in the background - do you want to let it continue?"

I expect that Gruber's description accurately depicts how it is supposed to work - and how it does work most of the time. And perhaps there indeed are people who "force quit" iOS apps on a regular basis for no good reason. But the few times I've seen someone do it, it's because they're trying to deal with some issue they think they're seeing right then and there.

Comment I'm sure it will improve (Score 2) 85

But when I watched the video, I kept seeing places where the lip/mouth movements did not jibe with what was being said. As is, it's not going to convince anyone who's paying attention.

Of course, nowadays almost everyone is staring at their cell phone most of the time... so perhaps the bar is lower than I expect.

Comment Re:USS Ponce? (Score 1, Informative) 367

Puerto Rico is a United States territory - so yes, Ponce is an American city.

Here's the relevant section of that Wikipedia page you linked to:

"Ponce is the only ship of the United States Navy that is named for Ponce in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, which in turn was named after the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León, the first governor of Puerto Rico and the European discoverer of Florida."

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