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Comment Re: Same mistakes again (Score 2) 169

I'm sure there are exceptions, but for most of us - the rate of improvement with processors has far outstripped any growth in our need for that processing power. If it weren't for unnecessary bloat in macOS (or Windows) itself, I bet most of us could get along reasonably well with 10-year-old machines.

Comment Re:Credit Cards Existed Long Before CC Terminals (Score 1) 452

Using electricity to process a CC purchase is relatively new. This is a solved problem.

Kids today... using "Home Alone 2" to demonstrate "old" technology. There's probably at least one truly old movie where Ginger Rogers was working a store counter before Fred Astaire came strolling in (although, fun as they are, those do tend to blur together).

When I was in high school, I had a part time job in a music store. Not only did we use those mechanical credit card impresses - we had to call a phone number to verify that the person had enough room left on their credit line before approving the purchase. AND I think it was a different phone number depending on Visa (BankAmericard), Master Charge (now MasterCard), American Express, or some regional card.

So even then we were dependent on electricity. But fortunately POTS has its own power supply which is (or at least was) quite reliable - I don't remember ever losing phone service during a power outage.

Comment Re:Yes, but so what? (Score 3, Interesting) 200

I love how Comcast keeps sending me adverts to purchase their "Triple Play" package - Internet, Cable TV, IP-based home phone. We haven't had a "home phone" in years, thanks to our cell phones... and we cut back to the lowest tier cable + internet package several years ago. The only reason we keep even THAT is my wife likes all those silly NCIS:SVU:NKVD:IOU series that've been on forever.

It's bad enough that the price of Comcast's lowest Cable Internet + TV tier has climbed to $85 a month now in this region... but still, even that's $55/month less than we were paying them before we "downgraded". But why on earth do they think we'd want to start giving them $200/month - or more - to add a pointless home phone line? Their thinking is apparently still rooted in the 1980s...

Comment Re:Probably nothing (Score 1) 301

It's hard to imagine ever wanting to code by talking or writing.

I don't care if voice recognition or handwriting interpretation gets to 100% accuracy - they're still significantly slower than I can type. And accurately positioning a cursor, now done quickly with a mouse or trackpad, would be horribly inefficient by voice (and, frankly, even touch screens are a big step backward for this purpose).

These methods could be very useful as supplementary input for certain specific use cases, so I do want to see them continue to advance... but they're not going to do away with our current input devices.

Comment Re:Get over it (Score 1) 173

I haven't been to a movie theater in 10-15 years.

I originally stopped going because the experience was bad: high prices, noisy audiences, smaller screens, more crowded seats. And while some theaters are now addressing the latter two items, it's too late for me - I've found I'm perfectly happy watching movies on my flat-panel TV at home, eating my own popcorn, and having a "pause" button handy when I need to go to the bathroom.

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