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Comment Re:iPhone 4S? (Score 1) 162

The lawsuit specifically states "Neither Thao nor anyone else ever changed the battery in the iPhone", which is interestingly certain given the vintage and purchase date.

Also, the fire happened in April 2016, and the suit was filed last Thursday. The wheels of justice turn slowly... but I'll be curious to see what additional information comes out. Does the phone still exist in a form Apple can even examine?

Comment Re:Discontinued in Sep 2013. (Score 2) 162

Be fair - we were all over Samsung long before it was clear what the problem was.

That's not to argue most of your points, though. We're talking about a model which was in millions of people's pockets for several years - whatever happened, it's obvious this is a rare occurrence and not something endemic.

I also tend to be biased against anything State Farm is involved with, based on personal experience with the company. But let's see how the story develops, then decide.

Comment Sign away your constitutional rights? (Score 1) 186

I don't believe you can actually do that. I mean - you can certainly write your name on the paper, and you can voluntarily choose to act as if you're required to follow that agreement... but, before a judge, even if you said "yup I willingly signed away my constitutional rights" - that judge would at best laugh, and at worst hit you with his gavel for wasting his time with something which is not legal.

Comment Been there, done that (Score 1) 562

Like the submitter, I got into gmail pretty early - and while it's not my main address anymore, I still have it forwarding. My gmail address is my first initial plus my somewhat uncommon last name (which - and I hate to break it to you - is not "Wagon").

Anyway, there seems to be two different people who think it's their address... both of whom share my first initial and last name. One is a kid who kept signing up for Facebook with it, which was annoying (since Facebook actually lets you operate an account even if you don't answer the verification email) but eventually got solved after four or five iterations. The other seems to be an older guy from West Virginia or thereabouts. I've gotten house renovation quotes, emails from his lawyers regarding significant purchases, and all sorts of other minutiae which would likely make it easy for me to steal his identity, if I so chose. I ignored it for a while; but eventually I started sending emails back saying variations of "this guy apparently does not know how to use email, but in any case this is not his address". It actually stopped for a while after I replied all to an email his lawyer sent to both him and his wife... but the apparently senile old codger has forgotten again.

Comment Re:Hollywood = Idiots. Home = Bathroom & Food (Score 1) 193

* Pause the movie
* Go to the bathroom

As I get older, the importance of these two items becomes more apparent to me. And, when my daughter was younger, I would've added

* Be able to rewind the movie

* Don't have to listen to any idiots beside me constantly talking / snoring throughout the entire movie.

You've obviously never watched a movie with my wife...

Comment Re:they're right and they're wrong (Score 2) 193

So the watching experience could be better in the theater...

The thing is - for me, anyway - convenience is king. While the theater (sans the drawbacks you spelled out) might indeed be better than watching at home, it doesn't matter because - my experience at home is good enough. Plus:

- I have a wider choice of snacks and drinks available
- I have more flexibility regarding start time
- I can have friends over to watch, without increasing the cost
- I have a pause button

(not necessarily in that order)

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