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Submission + - Sci-Fi Writers Dream Up Ideas for U.S. Government ( 2

cheezitmike writes: This week in Washington, DC, a group of Sci-Fi writers is helping the U.S. Department of Homeland Security envision the future at the 2009 Homeland Security Science & Technology Stakeholders Conference. The agency is hoping the interaction between writers and bureaucrats helps the government 'break old habits of thought' and 'help managers think more broadly about projects and their potential reactions and unintended consequences'. And, it's at minimal expense to taxpayers, since the writers are consulting pro bono.

Comment Where Wizards Stay Up Late (Score 3, Interesting) 59

Interesting that this event just came up. I just finished reading Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins of the Internet today. For those interested in the history of ARPA and internetworking development (and the people behind these developments - Davies, Kleinrock, Licklider, et. al.), I highly recommend this book.

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