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Comment Re:Good Job (Score 5, Insightful) 337

Nope, anybody with the Tor browser can.

The only loss here is for the Nazis. The site is now harder to access, harder to find, and to boot now it's open season to go and try to hack the site. Tor protects the identity of the user, so now any random hacker wannabe can go and try their skills against the site without much of a risk of being found out.

The same anonymity means it's also far harder for the Daily Stormer from banning people from the site -- unless they want to make it really hard to access, like requiring referrals. So this development also makes it very possible to simply troll and spam the site into oblivion.

Comment Re:Simpler solution (Score 1) 187

I agree that XML is usually insanely overkill for most purposes. Still, there are worse choices than insanely overkill, such as trying to shoehorn a complicated hierarchical data structure into something like TSV, CSV or a fixed length format, as BarbaraHudson seems to be proposing in this discussion.

Comment Re:Simpler solution (Score 1) 187

The parent is talking about .doc and .xls formats. These are absolutely not suitable for something as simple as tab or fixed field formats. They can contain arbitrary data like embedded images and videos. They have a very complex markup system. They have features like versioning, scripts, and oodles of metadata. They have to deal with arbitrary data of arbitrary length. They can attach arbitrary amounts of parameters to some piece of text. .doc and similar is one of the few cases where XML is actually not overkill for the task, because XML was made to solve precisely that sort of problem in the first place.

Comment Re:Simpler solution (Score 1) 187

The problem is exchanging tabular and hierarchical data structures, containing arbitrary values.

So for instance the simplest of such structures is a table of id, state, name, description. The description field can of course contain arbitrary characters including quotes, commas and newlines.

Sometimes there's metadata for the table. For instance think of the results of a mysql query: You want a table of the results, but there's also a list of the datatypes of each column, plus the time it took to answer the query.

A more complex one is a directory tree structure, with the usual metadata.

Of course in both cases there's the requirement to be able to add additional fields later, while retaining backwards compatibility.

Comment Existing infrastructure? (Score 2, Insightful) 133

Which is that?

Do current combustion motors run on hydrogen? Not really.

Are current cars able to contain hydrogen? Not really.

Are current tankers able to transport hydrogen gas? Not really, they're made for a liquid.

Are current gas stations able to dispense hydrogen? Nope, a station's storage, machinery and dispenser nozzle sure as hell aren't made for a gas.

So I'm not seeing much reuse potential here. Now the end-game would look kinda similar to a gasoline infrastructure on the surface, except for the part where you have to replace all the simple tanks and pumps with far trickier pressure vessels and regulators.

Comment Useless article (Score 4, Insightful) 304

Damn straight permits are needed. Because even the biggest Elon Musk advocate would be screaming bloody murder if they found the Hyperloop would pass right through their living room, their farm, or that really scenic lake on their property.

The question is then what permits, and are they bullshit or not? Some permits exist for obscure reasons, some because some things involve other people's property, some for safety reasons, and some because people get pissy when heavy earth moving equipment shows up in their backyard.

Yes, of course before cities were built and when people were just moving into America, there weren't such problems, because there wasn't a crapload of infrastructure and settled people to object. But you can't have those times back, unless you like the idea of completely unrestrained forfeiture where you can be kicked out of your home to make room for a mall, and companies building housing that's going to sink into the ground in a decade or two.

Comment Re:Republicans are anti progress (Score 1) 341

There's no valid points that are being made here. I finally figured out that all this hubhub is over some random ad NYC posted, and that was probably made by some random intern that just spent a while looking for every gender related term they could find so that it would look as inclusive as possible, and never thought anybody would even think of making a big deal of it.

Comment Re:Republicans are anti progress (Score 3, Informative) 341

Oh, goddammit. I finally decided to spend sometime to figure out what's all this nonsense about.

It's an ad: https://heatst.com/culture-war...

Somebody just made an ad to say "here we're accepting of everybody, regardless of what you call yourself", and then posted a list of 31 terms, some of which seem duplicates to me (eg, Male-To-Female and MTF both appear in the list, as well as several variations on "trans").

Basically, whoever made that list tried listing absolutely every possible term they could think of just to drive home that point. That's all there is to it. It's like doing the same thing for racism and then filling a page with Wikipedia's list of nationalities.

And this is what people decided to get all outraged about? Sheesh. People have too much free time these days.

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