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Comment Re:Ahh ... the generosity (Score 2, Interesting) 280

>You WANT something like that? Remember what happened whenever the government started giving grants to modernize America with phone lines? The AT&T monopoly was formed.

Yes, I think we need another monopoly like that. Because basic research is a huge tragedy of the commons problem, you need a big monopoly that *is* the commons. When AT&T was, they were able to create one of the best research labs ever and invented the transistor which has accelerated human development at exponential speeds.

Comment Re:Ahh ... the generosity (Score 1) 280

>Just look at the patriot act (mind you, passed by BOTH republicans and democrats) and you can see why the government shouldn't run any ISPs.

Just look at the FISA domestic spying indemnity for telecoms who broke the law bill, and it is clear your argument applies to both government and telecoms. I really doubt cable companies would have been any different.

Comment Re:The sick truth. (Score 1) 295

Moot point unless the only way you do anything as root is through a shell in one of the virtual terminalsor xdm. If you ever give your root password in a logged in X session, or as your user (su or sudo) your machine can be compromised. su, bash, etc. can all be replaced with sinister versions, and the next time you su to root, your password is captured.

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