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Comment She will change her mind anyway. (Score 1) 564

Odds are good that whatever she decides, she will end up changing her mind anyway. Virtually no one I went to school with is still doing what they started out in school for. A few are, but the majority spent a few years working (or trying to work) in their chosen fields before finding something that grabbed their 'adult' interest.

Personally I 'wasted' my talent and school years (according to my dad) studying technical theatre. 10 years later I make visual effects software. I use the lessons I learned in school every day, just not the way I expected at the time.

So don't sweat it. She will likely land in the right place for her eventually.

The Doom of Wired Peripherals 438

techie writes "Is the doom of wired peripherals near? According to an article on, it sure seems that way and Apple is leading the way. Quote: "Device cables are becoming a thing of the past, and that development couldn't come soon enough. We're ready to unplug, and we want to make the most of it. Apple has recognized this desire for consolidation and the benefits of a wireless lifestyle, and they've reacted effectively. When the iMac was first introduced, people went gaga over the fact that the monitor, computer, and speakers were all in one enclosure, thus eliminating the need for two bulky pieces of hardware and multiple cables. Just when you thought that was incredible enough, WiFi comes along and gives us blazingly fast Internet connections through the air, and Bluetooth rises up to allow all of our devices to sync with one another and the operating system without any wires."

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