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Comment We get these articles every year (Score 1) 115

Just before a new release and in the dying days of Apple's current flagship model, some article pops up saying that they've been overtaken and their sales are dropping/tech being eclipsed by some new phone/are the cause of impending thermonuclear war.

Compare like for like across the sales cycle. As the summary says, look again in about October'ish or whenever the new phones from Apple are available for purchase. That is - if you actually care about such things as which global position your phone manufacturer has.

Comment Re:Binge Watching *This Particular* Show ... (Score 1) 139

That's an interesting comment which I'd not really thought of. The classic Doctor Who was broadcast weekly, on Saturday evenings. The extra talking there is now the kind of thing you often see with "Previously on ..." pre-credit stuff. It's to remind your audience what's happening and keep them with you.

Agreed, doesn't translate well to binge-watching at all. Leads to an interesting question - will we start to see new programmes which are structured specifically for binge-watching?

Comment I used to work at the place that printed this (Score 1) 52

Impressive stuff - huge web printers where if you turned them off it could be quarter of a mile of paper before the printer stopped spinning. I wrote some software for them too - automatic pagination for their advertiser's manual. Was a time I could quote you the Pantone numbers of every shade used, and the fonts and font sizes too.

It was decades ago I worked there and this was a big contract for that firm - hopefully they've diversified enough now to survive.

Comment Not that much of a leap (Score 4, Insightful) 197

Mr Harford, like myself, is British. Britain is an old country, and we live in cities built in some cases several hundred years ago - in same cases with the same buildings still there. Not unique to Britain obviously, am simply using this as an example he should be familiar with.

We still use roads built with gauges governed by ancient carriages. London streets still wend and wind because many were simply not designed for motorised traffic, yet we still use them.

It's not at all a stretch of the imagination to consider that cities a hundred years from now will be built on the recognisable and still in use bits that we see today.

Comment Re:Eek! A mouse! (Score 1) 214

Yes - you can get these kind of controllers to control any AU/VST. The Novation in particular wraps the AU/VST using something called Automap, but more common approaches are to implement something like "MIDI learn" on the virtual instrument, then turning whatever dial on the control surface.

Comment Re:Eek! A mouse! (Score 1) 214

You know - I have a Novation SL Mk 2 and a Behringer BCF2000, and I still find myself reverting to mouse control. I just found the other way too imprecise and difficult to replicate consistently.

Plus there's the annoyance with automap when it comes to the Novation, but that's a specific issue with their design choice and not about the input method per se.

Comment Re:Because it's VIRTUAL AUDIO EQUIPMENT (Score 1) 214

Yes I do, because there's a generation that grew up now using virtual. I've never used the original analogue stuff and trying to work it all out on a computer screen just feels very....anachronistic to me.

I understand you're point when it's an emulation of original hardware, but people are still making new, entirely digital instruments like this as well. It really irritates.

Comment Re:Kind of late to the party Apple (Score 1) 63

Apart from, you know, the last 40 years that is. Even in the dark days they still had ideas - the Newton for instance, which yeah Jobs didn't like and blah blah blah, but he was one of the few that didn't.

What Jobs did really well is sell, yes. But he also brought other qualities - a consistent product line was one of them. This is where things like the 4k TV are well over due, and also where legitimate criticisms like the no-USB C-cable-in-an-iPhone-box come from. Apple's entire with phones, tablets, computers etc. can do 4k. The one place I might show the family those photos can't. That's ridiculous, and this incremental upgrade is overdue.

Bear in mind though that Apple aren't hyping it, in fact they haven't even mentioned it. Others have looked in firmware and found what seems to be a sensible upgrade and have publicised that they've found it - that's all. For me as owner of a gen 3, it's interesting. World changing no, but yeah - it's something I'm following. If they launch that and the rumoured Prime app comes out, then that's finally all my media (iTunes/Netflix/Prime/self-ripped so Plex or similar) in one place so I'd likely buy.

Comment Re:Thanks Slashdot! (Score 1) 57

I think they might have identified him explicitly, but I don't think it's too far of a stretch to have an article about the musician from Portal - Still Alive (This Was A Triumph); Now I Only Want You Gone - plus a few other geek-known tracks here and there. Agree they should have given a quick lead-in on background though.

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