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Comment Re:Here is some information you may want to know (Score 1) 180

On 1, how honest is the "it will interfere with emergency services" reason? I've heard police in particular have unofficially switched to cell phones for sensitive information.

It is honest. Public safety is all up in VHF,UHF, and the 700/800mhz bands. Other then going to digital voice (P25 mostly) there hasn't been much change in the tech. Its just radio.

Cops may use cellphones for sensitive stuff but dispatch and calls for help still use radio. Ambulances still use normal radios and "MED" channels in the clear to talk to doctors on the way to hospitals. FD's use normal low power portables while on site working a fire. If they get stuck that is how they call for help.
If a boater needs help he is still going to call the coastguard on VHF.

There are digital trunking systems that hop around on a SET number of channels but they can still be interfered with if something is operating on their band like anything else.

There are bands like FRS,GMRS,CB,etc that you can mess around on and no one will care. The 27mhz CB band is a total free for all with guys running messy 2KW stations. Since they are contained down there the FCC doesn't care. This would be the best place to play around in IMO.. right in the middle of all the other chaos.

No good will come of messing around on public safety bands. It will get you noticed very quickly and may actually interfere with an emergency call.

You can look up what your area uses on sites like
Its all public info and licensed by the FCC.

Comment Pace/2wire all listen on 3479/tcp (Score 3, Insightful) 236

The 2wire/pace (3600,3800,etc) all have TCP port 3479 open to the internet.This is what you are forced to use if you have AT&T U-verse. There is no way to block it and AT&T says its for "updates and trouble shooting".

I wonder what great backdoors are in these gateways?

Submission + - One week of OpenSSL cleanup (

CrAlt writes: After the news of heartbleed broke early last week, the OpenBSD team dove in and started axing it up into shape. Leading this effort are Ted Unangst (tedu@) and Miod Vallat (miod@), who are head-to-head on a pure commit count basis with both having around 50 commits in this part of the tree in the week since Ted's first commit in this area. They are followed closely by Joel Sing (jsing@) who is systematically going through every nook and cranny and applying some basic KNF. Next in line are Theo de Raadt (deraadt@) and Bob Beck (beck@) who've been both doing a lot of cleanup, ripping out weird layers of abstraction for standard system or library calls.

Then Jonathan Grey (jsg@) and Reyk Flöter (reyk@) come next, followed by a group of late starters. Also, an honorable mention for Christian Weisgerber (naddy@), who has been fixing issues in ports related to this work.

All combined, there've been over 250 commits cleaning up OpenSSL. In one week. Some of these are simple or small changes, while other commits carry more weight. Of course, occasionally mistakes get made but these are also quickly fixed again, but the general direction is clear: move the tree forward towards a better, more readable, less buggy crypto library.

Check them out at

Comment Re:Hmmm ... (Score 1) 139

This will be used to shut down protests and stifle dissent.

I disagree. "The Man" does not need any killswitch to cut off protesters. He only has to shut off the cell sites in the target area.
. Also if you brick the cellphone you can no longer track it. It would make more sense to block all traffic but leave the phones connected to the network and track them. This way to know WHO is there and where they are going.

I do agree that sooner or later it will get hacked. Imagine what would happen to ATT or VZN if every smartphone on their networked got bricked.

Comment If he is the addict then you are the dealer. (Score 1) 271

You are the one paying the ISP bill.
You are the one paying the pricey smartphone bill.

He is 19.He is an adult. Cancel that crap and see if he thinks his addiction is worth getting a job and paying for it himself. If nothing else the job will get him out of cyber space and in to the real world.

Comment Re:You're thinking about the wrong issue. (Score 1) 582

Dismantling POTS system may shift the scope of this regulation to cell towers.

I doubt it. Look where they are sticking cell "towers" now. Building roof tops, church steeples,goofy looking fake flagpoles, on top of billboards,etc.. There is no way they are going to be able or willing to put big generators at all these sites.

When all these mini-sites go down the load is shifted to the real cell sites and they puke. During the last 3 big power outages here in my state of Connecticut cell service became very unstable. You had "5 bars" but if you tried making/getting a call it failed. POTS kept working like normal.

Comment They say 250 but never do anything about it. (Score 1) 290

I don't have any video service. I stream/torrent everything.

I had comcast. They had a usage meter and said the limit was 250gig. I used to blow that out of the water every month. Normally 600gigs+ a month.

After my promotion was up I switched to ATT uverse(DSL). They say its also 250gigs a month but they do not have a meter at all. Its slower but I know ive been doing more then 250 a month. The line is saturated when I am at work or sleeping. Its at 50% when I'm home surfing.

They have never said anything about my usage. They also don't seem to be throttling anything.

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