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Submission + - SPAM: Windows Vista Booting halts post DLL file corrupti

tompatrick writes: Data Link Library (DLL) files in Windows consists of various functions which can be called from another application or DLL. These files are one of the most vital part of Windows operating system and are primarily used to parcel and reuse distinct jobs. Corruption in these files can occur due to various factors, like virus attack, human error, file system damage, and operating system malfunction. In few cases, the booting process of Windows gets halted after DLL file corruption, resulting into inaccessibility of data stored in your hard drive. In such situations, an easy method to overcome the hazards created after DLL file corruption is to restore the data from an updated backup. However, if in case of absence of an updated data backup, you will need to search for advanced Data Recovery Software.

Consider a practical case, where you receive underneath error message when you attempt to boot your Windows Vista based system:

“Error loading C:\Windows\System32\hgGwWPhh.dll The specified Module could not be found”

After the above error message appears, your system becomes unbootable, further resulting in inaccessibility of hard drive data. In addition, the error message pops up every time you attempt to boot your system.


The above error message pops up when the DLL file is damaged by a fatal virus attack.


Below are the work around steps that help you to resolve the above error message:

Try to boot your system in safe mode and perform a system restore.
Download malware bytes and perform a thorough scan.

The aforementioned steps allow you to resolve the above error message in most cases. However, if the steps fail to resolve your problem and the system still remains unmountable, then the only option left is to reinstall Windows Vista operating system. Although the error message will not pop up after formatting, but your previously stored data will be deleted. The recovery of lost data in such situations is possible only by using a powerful third-party Data Recovery Software. Such Data Recovery products ensure complete recovery even after formatting the hard drive.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is an outstanding Data Recovery product that instantly recovers all the lost, missing, and formatted data. Compatible with FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS, and NTFS5 file systems, the utility does not delete or overwrite the original content saved in the hard drive. It is designed for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000. [spam URL stripped]

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Submission + - A decade of dreadful Microsoft ads ( 1

Barence writes: PC Pro has rounded up the most howlingly awful examples of ads churned out by Microsoft over the past decade. The selection includes the cringeworthy Gates & Seinfeld ads — where Gates looks like he’s delivering his lines with the help of a cattle prod — to the terrible Windows 7 party ads (an "F1 key for social inadequates", according to PC Pro), to the one that got away: an excellent in-house training video produced by The Office's Ricky Gervais.

Submission + - Time Warner customers may lose FOX channels (

JackieBrown writes: "FOX is trying to raise fees for cable companies and is threatening to drop Time Warner if Time Warner does not agree to pay more fees to air FOX's stations.

Come January 1st, we may lose FOX and FX as well as some FOX sports channels.

Time Warner has a site up where you can enter your zipcode to see if this will affect you.

Time Warner is using Hulu as as an example of the value on network TV. I am surprise they use this argument as Hulu seems to devalue Cable TV more than devalue the network itself."


Submission + - Is Ubuntu's new direction wrong? ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: An alternate future that features Windows-like looks for Ubuntu has the owner of a tech-website worried: where is Ubuntu heading? He argues that while competing with Windows and Mac is a noble goal, Ubuntu must first make itself more stable (by looking into the recent kernel crashes), keep applications like GIMP included, stop unnecessary experimenting with package management, support older hardware, and review the 6-month release cycle. He concludes,

I have no doubt Mark Shuttleworth is a man of great vision. I see his vision. [...] Competing against Windows and Mac is a very noble goal. I really applaud it. [...] But you can't beat Windows by offering a Windows-looking clone. [...] How do you beat perfect looks and perfect stability [of Mac]? The way things are, stability has not been Ubuntu's prime goal in the last few releases, and it's getting worse. The ultra-short release cycle does not help. [...] My message is, stability first, gimmicks later. I want my stuff to work, all the time, every time, forever. Once we get past that bridge, we can discuss eye candy and killing my programs.


Submission + - Seriously? Triffids run amok across the globe? (

Fantastic Lad writes: Being a giant geek, I was doing a bit of reading up on Triffids, (the BBC just released its latest adaptation of the John Wyndham classic, "The Day of the Triffids"), and I came across one of those stories which made me blink. Seems a strain of Genetically Modified Flax which some forward-thinking planners designated as, "Triffid Flax" has been showing up all over the world despite its being banned and removed from trade back in 2001. "As of October, the following countries had reported the illegal GMO in their food chains: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the USA."

Submission + - Man Saves Wet Palm Pre Using Rice

An anonymous reader writes: Apparently an avid Lifehacker reader, called Dietrich, managed to drop his Palm Pre in a puddle and didn't realise for half an hour. You would think that after a thirty minute soak the Pre would be dead but Dietrich remembered a tip on Lifehacker involving uncooked rice to dry out wet gadgets. “I remembered articles on Lifehacker about what to do so I immediately popped the battery out and dried the phone. When I got home I put my Palm Pre in a bag of rice for ten hours. Adding insult to injury, I forgot to take the phone battery out of my pocket and put it through the washing machine. Ten hours later I'm typing this on my Pre. Good job Palm on making an excellent phone.”

Submission + - Researchers Create Gold Aluminum, Black Platinum, (

O111000001100100 writes: Optical Scientist Chunlei Guo says transformation of any metal to any color now possible. By blasting the metal with an ultra-brief/ultra-intense femtosecond laser. During its brief burst, the laser unleashes as much power as the entire electric grid of North America does, all focused onto a spot the size of a needlepoint. This causes the metal's surface to reform with nano sized pits, globules, and strands that react to incoming light in different ways depending on the way the laser pulse sculpted the structures.

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