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Comment Re:For the love of God... (Score 2, Interesting) 502

I decided to read a couple of articles about the situation after reading the parent post. That's led me to believe that IT admins everywhere should be supporting this guy wholeheartedly. When you get down to the point of it, this is a guy getting shafted as a result of sticking to the documented policy.

I realize that it's a long-running joke around here that people don't RTFA. RTFA.

Comment If you're going to "bar" someone... (Score 1) 2've got to make sure it sticks. Don't be a sucker.

Otherwise, you just end up with the same series of events again and again, and all it does is make you angry. There's no reasoning with some people, your forgiveness has no worth.

If you're not serious about being done with the lady, and you're not willing to go all the way with it, then you're just doing the song and dance, and she knows it. Good luck.

Comment Re:HIPAA - SHMIPAA (Score 1) 319

A decently competent IT department should be able to come up with several different ideas that would, if implemented, be a tenable solution to this issue without impacting the medical staff's workflow. The response you got from the grandparent post is probably the result of a mind that has been blown by the story. There are a number of things fundamentally wrong with whatever process that allowed the situation to even be possible.

Comment Best wishes in your continued search (Score 1) 11

One test for a certain type of woman to avoid: if they become argumentative, act hurt or upset, or fly off the handle whenever you express your core needs or expectations (in a controlled manner - arguments don't count), run away; they care nothing for you as an individual. Possibly, they are incapable of it. My dear fellow, you seem to be surrounded by sociopaths.

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