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Comment Re:The stuff that comes out of tailpipe is bad (Score 1) 432

Your renewable energy requires storage. The cheapest energy storage is lead-acid. So the environment impact of lead mining, battery production and battery recycling, with occasional loss of the batteries into the environment, should be taken into account.

Or, if you prefer, there should be a big subsidy to replace lead-acid with anything less toxic which also is to be taken into account.

And while you Americans do it we Russians just improve our nuclear cycle.

Comment Re: You all presumably know why. (Score 1) 359

Look, there are at least 3 styles of programming:

1) int a[16]; index=something(); SOMECODE; b=a[index];
2) int a[16]; SOMECODE; index=something(); b=a[index&0x0f];
3) int a[16]; SOMECODE; index=something(); if((index=16)) process_error(); b=a[index];

The first one is a disaster waiting to happen because you rely on something() to return proper values and on SOMECODE to not change index and not to allow jumps inside it. And as I understand the problem it was closed by 1st way.

Comment Re:End the War (Score 2) 126

The next batch of rebels were allowed by Assad to leave Damascus district Qaboon for Idlib with their wives, children, guns and possessions. I could not imagine that Stalin could allow Nazis to be evacuated to Berlin after they are caught in Stalingrad. I also could not imagine the same about Japanese and USA in WWII, Saddam and USA, Gadhafi and USA, Chechnya and Russia in 2000 and Taliban and USA after 911.

Comment Re:FIDOnet or Citadel w/cell phones? (Score 1) 168

It's trivial to implement, but:
1) You have absolutely no motivation to do it during peace times (in condition that you are not a Revolutionary)
2) When the substance hits the fan you have absolutely no time and equipment to do it.
3) During the unrest the cell networks shall be blocked. So the only means of distant communications are CB radios.
4) You should resolve the legal conflict between you (the law abiding citizen) and Revolutionaries that use your node - both from your point of view that they use YOUR equipment for THEIR revolution you don't want and from point of Law enforcement that thinks that YOU help the Revolutionaries and are to be punished. Fidonet resolved it just by enforceable prohibition of any illegal or commercial activity.
5) If you are a Revolutionary then your cell traffic is monitored. And so all your contacts are known. It does not mean that your messages are intercepted but your contacts could be interrogated and they dislike it. It's quite difficult to monitor CB packet but it's possible too. You could invent some new ultra fast CB data protocol that THEY could not monitor - and then THEY just enter your org and obtain the protocol.

Comment Re:Ham Radio Mesh Networks. (Score 1) 168

Amateur Radio has the severe legal usage limitation. It could be used for exchange of amateur radio and emergency related information ONLY. So it could be used as an experimental base ONLY and then the technology should be transferred to commercial or community area.

I could spend my money for creation of general use network that could continue to operate in emergency but I have no motivation to make a network that could be used exclusively for emergency.

Comment Re:Community Wireless Networks (Score 1) 168

Just getting people together create and maintain a wireless network is a lot of effort.

Not only an effort but it also exposes all the community to the Competent Organs (Russian euphemism for law enforcement). You could do it relatively securely in countries with strong legal system somewhere in Europe or in countries where Organs are integral part of the community (as is in Havana and as it was in Russia in 90s when Office of Internal Affairs kept a Fidonet hub). But I doubt that it should be done in modern Russia, USA or, say, Turkey.

Comment Re:Open Source Mesh Networking Platform in the Wor (Score 1) 168

... and each face should have a separate outdoor-class WiFi router that costs about 0.25 of average monthly income. But you increase antenna gain 4* giving distance only 2*. 500m instead of 250m are not a solution. The problem of only 4 separate 2.5 GHz channels (1 5 9 13; 3 channels in USA) is secondary.

Comment In Soviet Russia, Roskomnadzor has YOU! (Score 1) 168

Well, let us imagine for some time that we have unlimited WiFi spectrum. But let's assume that the dipole antennas give maximum 250 meters. So in order to traverse Moscow (Yes, I said Moscow!) (about 25 km in diameter according to Wikimapia) you need 100 hops which require all equipment to not only work but to be placed in good high places. The ping times also would be quite.....

You could install a 20dB dish to access a local mesh router and it would give you about 2.5 km of distance. But it does NOT solve the problem of these 100 hops.

In order to have something better you need not a mesh but a STRUCTURE of longlinks. 2 dishes could give you 25 km (really less due to obstructions and atmospheric loss). But this structure is 1) highly visible and very suspicious for Competent Organs 2) Very expensive. Basically every node should have at least 4 longlinks and a local mesh router. It's about 2 average Russian monthly incomes + installation + construction of antennas.

There ARE such networks in Athens, Barcelona and Havana since the price of Internet is quite high there. But please take in account that Athens and Barcelona are in countries with good legal systems, and in Havana the local Competent Organs are quite sober and don't object if you don't show your dislike of Castro. I prefer not to discuss USA or Russia from this aspect; it's a hint.

Comment 36 - a magical number (Score 1) 755

Full disclosure: I am a Russian citizen.
Since I have not found anything like "36 rockets" here I must warn you of 2 facts:
1) Exactly 36 Tomahawks were lost in transit and were unable to hit the Shairat base.
2) The Russian S-400 anti-aircraft system based in Khmeymim can track and destroy exactly 36 targets at once.

Comment In Soviet Russia the Electromagnet pulses YOU! (Score 4, Insightful) 366

All this cashless society has the main problem that during any serious cataclysm that kills the communication infrastructure the trade just stops. Not only the global nuclear cataclysm and EMP but any kind of local cataclysm like Katrina or war in Syria. And if the trade stops the hungry people could rob since they could not buy.

Moreover, I feel that the more Western is the society the higher the unrest. Some Somalians could organize a government-less society based on traditional law, in the First World it's just impossible. We Russians survived the wild capitalism of 1990-s because in any crisis there was impossible to foreclose or cut off the electricity and heat. Next such crisis could produce hordes of homeless.

Comment Re:HAM Radio (Score 1) 174

It's NOT a medium of communication just because the themes are severely limited to the ham and emergency ONLY. And it's because I had a HAM license only to be able to do experiments requiring the radio transmission, not as sports or communication. Modern rules neither allow me to keep the license without owning the transmitter nor require me to have license in order to do my experiments.


Comment Re: Virtual Private Raid (Score 2) 151

1. You could boot the system from the flash drive that is removed after boot. The part of the key resides on the same flash, the second part is entered. It's quite possible to do, at least for FreeBSD. THEY need both a keylogger in a keyboard or bios and a seizure of the boot flash. Additionally there is no place on the disk where THEY could implant a child pornography if THEIR other efforts fail.
2. You could setup the security system that signals the systems to erase the keys and shutdown on intrusion so you can be sure that your keyboard is not compromised after you buy it.
3. I've read somewhere (maybe on Slashdot or that there exists an open source utility to check the authenticity of your BIOS. So BIOS keyloggers can also be caught.

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