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Comment Samsung needs better lawyers (Score 1) 148

They really do. When I read about Samsung's lawyers not being able to distinguish between their own device and apple's, I thought that Samsung deserved to fail in court. This particular battle between apple and samsung is about as evil and bad for the market as it gets, but apple seems to have done their homework, although I am surprised at how pro-apple the law is.

Comment Re:This is a software thing (Score 1) 556

The guy you replied to is right. There certainly are quite a few who have had pretty bad experiences with the approval process. Friend of mine here in Switzerland removed both his apps from the appstore after Apple accused him of stealing code.... from an earlier version of his own fucking app. Yes, it is that retarded.

Comment Re:Piffle (Score 1) 556

I'm a sysadmin for a lare design agency that is about 70% Mac. I've grown to really hate Apple for dropping of the XServe and all the server related products, and that's not talking about the anger I feel for the increasingly erratic usability and interoperability issues that OSX is bringing lately. Apple's deliberate hostility towards anything legacy, such as its dropping of all PPC support in 10.7 (and all Mac OS 9 support back in 10.5) makes supporting Apple a much more expensive proposition than supporting windows, even though OSX needs much less in the way of support than windows does in my experience.

In your post, you're only wrong about one point: Imaging a Mac from a standard image is a lot easier than it is in windows. You don't actually need pxe.

Comment Re:This is like GM removing the spare in trunk (Score 1) 862

I still see many, many people using the start menu where I work. Windows 7 made docking icons easier but it in no way removed the need for the Start menu.

This is appallingly retarded and it is going to come back to bite Microsoft in the ass when corporate users refuse to upgrade because their users are pissed off and lost with yet another irrational GUI change from MS after ribbons were introduced. Now, if only the main Linux distros weren't equally or even more retarded with bullshit like Unity or Gnome 3, then things would be great fro office workers who just need a simple GUI to do their work.


Is There a Hearing Aid Price Bubble? 698

An anonymous reader writes "The price of a pair of hearing aids in the U.S. ranges from $3,000 to $8,000. To the average American household, this is equivalent to 2-3 months of income! While the price itself seems exorbitant, what is even more grotesque is its continuous pace of growth: in the last decade the price of an average Behind the Ear hearing aid has more than doubled. To the present day, price points are not receding — even though most of its digital components have become increasingly commoditized. Is this a hearing aid price bubble?"

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