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Comment Re:grain of salt (Score 1) 187

GDP - gross domestic product, which is turnover and not profit. My mind boggles at the crazy idea that somehow you think taxes are paid on turnover rather than on profit. That is such war industrial complex thinking, just like demanding war spending by NATO the North American Territorial Occupation farce countries must be 2% of the nations GDP sounds so low doesn't. When you do the numbers and poke through a countries GDP to find out what the actually taxable profit was and how much actual tax was paid, all of a sudden that 2% of GDP becomes 20% to 30% of income taxes (especially taking into account offshoring profits where a countries GDP goes up but not one cent of tax is paid, whilst it's economy is strip minded of capital, typical of the majority of major US corporations as US parasites on it's vassal states with US occupational forces on hand to control 'er' protect those foreign governments). Lies upon lies upon lies to feed insatiable psychopathic greed.

Comment Re:I'm glad they're doing the research. (Score 1) 89

If they extend life so it reflects an age between say 25 and 45, than simply only those with a permit can breed and those without get snipped if they want their life extended out, dependent upon them never having had children. You get to live longer, if your ego does not demand infinite breeding. Now if they extending life but you remain that invalid age, well, why the fuck bother, who wants to be 150 if your body actually behaves like it is 150 instead of say 35(note the reference).

Comment Re:Short-sighted view (Score 1) 386

Well, a couple of people with blind faith, and of course rogue suns are also entirely possible. So bearing a major impact or an unheard of broad galaxy broad affecting or even universe affecting event, than it might last that long (our entire section of the universe could just wink out for some undiscovered reason).

As for delusion about oil under the ground, the more electric car countries the less oil will be needed the cheaper it becomes and those expensive sources will of course go right out of business. Only the cheapest oil suppliers will survive the market and only oil which is readily processed for the new processing only market will be traded. Also in the much smaller markets, some countries will be declared undesirable supplies ie Saudi Arabia, with a preference to maintain local production to supply hugely reduced demand. Of course stocks in oil companies will get dumped into pensions funds, privatise the profits and socialise the losses.

The fossil fuellers did a quite corrupt job of fending over the changes via professional PR=B$ agencies but it was inevitable, as well the dumping of fossil fuel stocks into pension funds, via ones means or another, especially those oil sources that will shut down because it costs to much or the oil is crap for processing for other uses.

Here's something people don't realise yet. A lot of the sealed off or to be sealed off oil wells will fail in the future and spread pollution over vast areas, you have been warned (no money to maintain or secure them and everyone cheating in the end as they try to wring out as much money out of failed companies as possible and no one left to pay fines), it will be quite the fuck up, have fun ;D.

Comment Re:$7 billion factory... (Score 1) 127

This is much more about the affect of government tightening up digital security laws and supply hardware and software. The EU will follow suit as will all major countries. Either made locally or it will not be bought as it most definately can not be trusted and that does mean the EU does not trust the US (they have been caught breaking the security of their pretend allies, which the US treats a potentially hostile vassal states) and the US does not trust the EU (every bodies fault when they started fucking with all this and they were told). Not country should ever trust their digital infrastructure to another country if they possibly can avoid it, guaranteed one hundred percent do it and that trust will be abused and when it comes to the US that means being abused by major corporations with hooks into intelligence agencies, who is contracting to whom.

Comment Re:Not that different (Score 4, Insightful) 214

Nope, only a psychopath would think high job turnover is desirable. You have employment costs, not just advertising but hiring and replacing bad staff. A person with high job turnover should immediately be flagged, they are very likely to be an extremely bad employment investment, cost of hiring, cost of training and lost employer acclimatisation, which affects other employees as well. A transient employment market means, zero loyalty, basically employees selling your company expertise to their next employer and as an employer making no effort to retain them means spreading you proprietary corporate advantage all over the place. The more employees you put through your business, the more likely you are to pick up a transitory psychopath, who can absolutely ruin a company in short order (create chaos amongst staff, take credit for other people's work, blame other people for their mistakes and plot and scheme to steal everything they can).

For millennia, people were smart enough to know employer employee loyalty produces real benefits. Now that the psychopaths have taken over, everything is a lie, whilst the psychopaths try to cheat as much as they possible can, this quarters profits and golden parachute, taking down company after company.

Comment Re:Google copying Microsoft? (Score 1) 120

Worse than that, Google not-News will send you crap advertorials as breaking news, really crap ones and it can be a real pain to uninstall on Android. Definately a big do not install on Google News and thats to the big shit at Alphabet, Google major advertiser censored and package news, will only get worse.

When they screw with news, you only give them one chance, get it badly wrong and drop them and never ever go back. News is meant to be there in the interests of society, not as propaganda, not as marketing lies, not censored to protect the criminal, blow it once in a big way and you are done, as should be the way.

Comment Re: Not a protest (Score 2, Insightful) 391

You do not have to leave, if you have business there. You are not a slave, law enforcers can no issue arbitrary orders and obtain immediate obediance, they are not slaver overseers and you are not a slave. They can only issue orders they are allowed to issue. They have to prove you broke windos, that you specifically rioted, just being there is not a crime.

Police do not beat protesters to death, do not charge people with committing a crime unless they have evidence those people did commit a crime. They arrest with minimum force those individuals they have evidence of committing a crime and not others for just being there. Just being in a public space is not a crime.

This is just another measure to silence the public, to force them to obey, to shut up and vote in pretend election or just shut up and stay home. Obey, do not claim your rights, obey or be destroyed by the state, the legality of the orders is arbitrary, obey or be what, hmm, torture is acceptable to authorities even in public (use of electric whips, chemical weapons, even weapons that will cause organ damage, ears, internal organs from missiles fired from shotguns, high pressure water, grenades. Shut up, obey or die, slave, now that's your message.

My message, unhappy with your government, than protest the fuckers right out of business. Don't let them bog you down, keep your protest mobile. Law enforce prepare to attack, break up and relocate somewhere else, force the law enforcers to chase their own tales. Mobile protests, very mobile protests are the safest.

Comment Interesting bargaining position (Score 1) 127

So Foxconn clearly doesn't NEED to build a plant in Wisconsin. They're doing fine with what they have, and presumably they could've built this plant in China where wages are lower.

So that really raises the question of how much this must've been worth to them politically to help Trump out. They must be getting a really sweet deal to do this. I love Apple and generally agree with their politics, but let's be totally clear here, they're not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. And Foxconn is DEFINITELY not doing it for the enrichment of American workers because that's a thing they really feel committed to.

Comment Re:Yawn. (Score 1) 68

Yes, you are speculating. There is nothing about a solid electrolyte that means that you can have faster charge rates. Often it's just the opposite.

Perhaps that it correct, but it seems to me that a solid electrolyte battery might well be lighter (and tip resistant), so it might greatly facilitate a battery exchange approach. OTOH, that always bothers me, because unlike gas, which is nearly standardized, batteries degrade with repeated charges.

Comment Re:Another ZEBRA battery? (Score 1) 68

Needing to keep then at ~300C just limits the domain of use, it doesn't say they aren't useful. You wouldn't use something like that in a laptop, but it might make a great line ballast (wrong word?). Another responder said they are in current use at electric plants (to store heat?)...seems plausible.

300C isn't really all that hot, it just means you need good insulation, which means you don't use small batteries, and you don't use it where you need a small, light, battery.

OTOH, were they ever proposed to store electricity? I haven't heard that. The places I've heard them proposed they were storing heat to feed to a steam turbine or some such. It would be the turbine (or some such) that would produce the electricity.

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