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Comment Re:Root is what matters (Score 1) 72

I've done that and no, it doesn't stop the unwanted apps from ever running. If it did, then my Nexus 7 wouldn't exhibit the thundering herd of google crapware slowing the tablet to an unusable crawl every time I enable WIFI.

How do I know it's Youtube or whatever running? Because Youtube (etc) pops up dialog boxes complaining about timing out or running out of RAM or other resources. (BTW, clicking "OK" rather than "Cancel" is the right thing to do at this point because "Cancel" apparently means "Exit and re-start whatever the fuck you were doing from the fucking beginning", not the expected "Fuck off and just fucking die"...making things worse and extending the period of unusability by another 10 or 20 minutes).

This shouldn't happen. I never run Youtube on the tablet. Ever. I never run Google Maps either (i use OSM when I need a map). I've disabled them. I'm not allowed to uninstall them (on my own fucking property!), otherwise I would have done so long ago. They shouldn't be running at all. So, it shouldn't happen. But it does. Every Single Fucking Time that I enable WIFI on the tablet.

Comment Re:Regarding the right to not be offended (Score 1) 409

You know what is even more damning. "I do not regret firing" someone anyone, what the fuck. You always regret firing someone, things went wrong, things were poorly handled, you had to fire someone. Sundar Pichai is a slimy piece of shit who apparently gets an erection when he fires someone, a real Trumper, YOUR FIRED, ohhhh that felt good, no regrets - :| what a dick head. How many other times, have you heard, I regret it came to this, thousands, tens of thousands, like the expected norm.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 0) 291

The evidence is in the title. We exposed 700,000 people, ohhh, it's like a mind control disease. So 700,000 zombies see a twit and were under the mind control of the Russian empire. That is all the evidence I need, stupid as fuck. So how many ads are exposed to how many people every single fucking day, well, there are 7.5 billion people and I could not imagine them not getting exposed to an ad every single day on average and likely hundreds even thousands of them every single day, so ads per person every year, wow, in the trillions. So a Russian advertising company, which now apparently according to US law is illegal but US advertising corporations are quite alright to sell stuff in other countries including for the US government, try to sell shit, well, like all other ad companies, all over the fucking planet.

Ohh, seriously why bother, meh, because it is fun to mock the US political bullshit sometimes, deep state and shadow government crap. Sounds like something but nope just bullshit.

Comment Re:Which billionaire is funding this one? (Score 1) 469

Crafty Russian one there. How about the far more realistic and likely reality. Just a pack of con artists pushing an agenda, to enrich themselves personally by playing the political circuit. Get in on the campaign donations, get themselves attention to slime their way up, ride personal ego trips. Nope, none of that, fucking Putin or is really rasPutin, the alien love child reincarnation of Rasputin, see it is in the name.

The stupid shit coming out, when it is nothing more than your typical aspiring professional politician, no outside influence required, just political policy up for sale and attention seeking and of course distractions from real issues, like a political party for US workers, can't have that's, it's evil and communist.

Comment Re:This! (Score 1) 35

So wait up, hmm, let me remember something, ohhh yeahh, for years governments all over the world, have contracted out computer stuff to tech companies because of the far greater expertise of tech companies and ohhh yeah, they buy the best staff and the government gets the anal retentive 2nd and 3rd raters. So it can only have been a government, in reality is like saying it can only have been done by anal retentive 2nd and 3rd raters who have to contract out the complex stuff to tech corporations. Something just doesn't seem right in this story.

Any major tech companies, whose executive team's only goal is to maximise this quarters bonus, whilst avoid jail time and ensuring the penalties for criminal activities are less than the profits generated by those criminal activities, from bribing and corrupting governments, is fully capable and likely inclined to do this stuff, remember the entire globe of countries and tech corporations. Why, hmm, spying on competitors to steal ideas, expose security weaknesses to crash competitors, insider trading information, spying on politicians as you get a bribe discount when extortion accompanies it and just of course just being control freaks (a lot of companies have been caught spying on people and inserting questionable software).

You know how to tell the difference between a state actor and the major tech corporation, the fucking tech corporations are a whole lot less likely to get fucking caught (they hire the best and hence.......).

Comment If only people would read the article (Score 5, Informative) 166

Or even the summary.

The iPhone X might be deprecated as a low cost option. That means it wonâ(TM)t be around next year for cheap. Instead, the iPhone 8 will be the cheap option and the three new phones will effectively be 3 different updated iPhone X models.

There will still be Face ID on the new phones. They will still not have home buttons.

If you were hoping to get an X from Apple $200 cheaper next year, this might be disappointing to you, but it doesnâ(TM)t mean much else.

Comment Re:Trump, as dumb as his supporters (Score 1) 93

Maybe the real problem here is that when it comes to national security, it isn't really Republicans versus Democrats, but rather Hawks versus Doves. When it comes to the three letter agencies, the Hawks aren't really interested in liberal versus conservative, but rather, interested in making those agencies as powerful and emboldened as possible.

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