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Comment Re: never heard of it (Score 1) 264

Not sure when I started following Slashdot but it was back when your had a numerical karma score and it was a game to try to get it as high as possible. My Ars Technica account was created April of '99, so Slashdot would have been around the same time. I was quite familiar with Kuro5hin (pronounced like "Corrosion," for those not familiar with it, a sort of play on the name of Rusty, who was to Kuro5hin what Cmdr Taco was to /.) but it had a much wider focus than /., and I always felt it was a bit stuffier than here. It hasn't been relevant for a long time but it does make me feel old to know it's been taken off life support.

I learned more than I ever thought I would know about bee keeping from kuro5hin.

Comment Re:I'm only a hobby dev (Score 1) 523

But this one is straight from med school. From Dr. O., may you rest in peace. When anyone shows "initiative":

"There's nothing worse than a fool with initiative"

Everyone hated rotating with him. I actually had a nice time :)

The TA who taught my semiconductors class would often tell us we had a future in sales whenever we go things very wrong.

Comment Re:They want no cash (Score 1) 558

Guilty as accused, at least up to a point.

However, it is certainly not conjecture that most large retail outfits are actually multi-nationals. Which, by and large, centralise their IT, purchase and logistics operations across countries to some degree. It is also pretty much both logical and normal that said multi-nationals routinely store and analyse data about customer behaviour.

Do you really think that the likes of Rewe and Tesco would bother to exempt Belgium from these analyses?

These multinationals still have to abide by the laws where they do business. Yes, I think the likes of Rewe and Tesco would bother to exempt Belgium from the analyses because not doing so would mean they no longer get to do business in Belgium and incur a heavy financial penalty.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 1) 233

This. Looks pretty cut and dry to me. I love how everyone gushed all over it when it was announced. Made no sense to me that a business owner would make a decision like that out of the goodness of his heart. I know. I sound like a Scrooge.

But that's how it is. Start your own business so you can be a shot-caller.

While not as extreme, my first job was working for a place that had a salary structure preventing the guys at the top from running off with all the money. It was pretty much structured so that each person's manager did not make more than x% above the worker who made the least on their team. The impact was that if the company President or VPs gave themself a % raise, then everybody in the company receive the same %raise. This was also one of the larger companies in the area and employed a lot of warehouse staff, so it's not like this was an architectural or law firm with 10 employees. It was a very progressive company that tried to do good by its employees.

Comment Re:Microunits Sound Normal (Score 1) 412

I don't get it... Why are they calling 300 square feet "microunits"? Sounds like a relatively normal size to me... Of course, I live in midtown Manhattan, so for $2,200 a month my wife and I get a 350 square foot place in a building with 20 of them (though I think unit 1D, by the stairwell might be smaller). We have a nice kitchen...

I also pay about $2200/month for me and my 3 kids but I live in a 6000 sqft house with a 4 car garage on 4 acres with a private stocked 4 acre lake in the backyard.
Oh, I'm also only about 10 minutes away from 2 major hospitals, an airport, and several excellent colleges including a top college football team.

Sounds can't walk out your door a couple blocks, hit up a bar to socialize with other people in your neighborhood, maybe head next door for a pizza, head back to the bar, then stumble home safe and sound without ever having to think about driving a car.

Comment Best Gentoo Install Method (Score 1) 101

So, there's a way to get somebody else to install Gentoo for me? That sounds pretty awesome. I'm going to go and install this "Twitch". I recently went from Gentoo to Arch since my Gentoo was frighteningly out of date and the only way to fix it was a complete reinstall. I figured I would give Arch a shot, but so far I still prefer Gentoo.

Comment Re:Virtualization Trap (Score 1) 136

One real beauty I was involved with handling from Oracle was how they can charge you for all the cores on the VM host even though you are only using say 2 out of 16 cores for your server. Of course they would not do this if you were using their VM stack.

They tried this to me for Weblogic licenses and after getting a whopping quotation that was easily 20 times what it should have been, I just ended up porting the enterprise app over to Tomcat bringing our license costs for our J2EE stack down to nil.

Yeah, that's a common one, and Oracle will cave on it if you press them.

Comment Re: Stupid people are stupid (Score 1) 956

Are boys naturally more interested in STEM? Are girls more naturally interested in everything else?

If those are true for some biological reason, then great, we're right on track. But if it isn't, maybe we need to stop pushing each gender in society's preferred direction.

As a boy, I was much more interested in STEM. I played with legos building stuff, loved remote control cars, and in general taking things apart to figure out how they worked and put them back together. I wasn't really too interested in reading or art type things, and if I drew something it was usually an airplane, and when forced to do creative writing would come up with stories about dinosaurs or ones that went into great detail about building things.

I can't speak for other boys or girls, only myself. If you want to claim that my parents steered me in that direction, then it's doubtful since my dad steered me towards sports, and my mom and older sister steered me more towards artistic things.

I didn't really know or associate with any girls that I remember when I was young since they weren't interested in legos or cars or taking things apart. The boys I associated with were interested in legos, cars, taking things apart, or sports.

Comment slackware (Score 1) 136

A stranger in a dark alleyway slipped me disk A1 of Slackware saying "hey kid, give this a shot, you're gonna love it. If you want more, you know where to find me". Over the next weeks (months? It's hard to say since that time was all a blur) I kept coming back. Once I finished with the As, I moved onto the Ns and APs, then got into the harder stuff...the Ds and Ks. Before I knew it, I was making my way to the alley every couple hours for my next X or XP. When I went back for disk E1 is when my friends confronted me about my problem and staged an intervention. Thank god for that...who knows what would have happened had I gone down that dark path.

Comment Re:News for nerds? (Score 1) 154

OMG, IKEA uses RH enterprise support for managing their servers... Slash *used* to be news for nerds. I have used scripts, after that RunDeck and now Ansible + Debian. And they do not need a subscription and better yet, are *distribution agnostic*.

Do you manage 3500 servers for a company with $32.65 billion in revenue?

Comment Re:What was the command? (Score 1) 154

Indeed, you definitely do NOT want hundreds-to-thousands of servers doing an update all at the same time, or, worse, rebooting all at the same time. The first has the potential to saturate your network and bring the entire setup to its knees, and the second will blow your rack supplies. I speak from experience on the latter, having been the one who identified the issue with our weekly DB scrubbing procedure once the company I was working for grew to more than a half dozen servers.

You want to stagger things by a few 10s of seconds per server on each rack to avoid power supply issues.

Man....I'd forgotten about the PDUs. Had that problem at one place where I brought down the DMZ because I rebooted a server. Fortunately that got a much needed datacenter review underway and people started distributing power correctly.

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