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Comment This can only be a good thing. (Score 2) 182

We'll get an economic boost from this. I mean, yes, it'll increase the incidence of cancer, but with something like cancer, there's no real way to trace back exactly why any one individual got cancer, and even if that could be done, there's no way of knowing which company released the particular chemical that caused the cancer, because a lot of different companies will be doing it. And if everyone's responsible, no one is.

To parahrase Nelson from the Simpsons, it's a victimless crime, like punching someone in the dark!

Comment Laying waste to a planet... (Score 1) 359 different from literally destroying the entire planet.

A starship from Star Trek can't *blow up* a planet the way the Death Star can. Presumably a single Star Destroyer could lay waste to a planet as easily as a starship. All you would need to do is carpet-bomb it with nuclear weapons, which are pretty primitive by Star Wars standards.

Comment Not a surprise coming from Apple (Score 3, Informative) 428

Apple thrives on the top-down "you are the consumer, we are the producer" business model. I can't say I'm particularly shocked to see an apple exec whining about youtube (although I must say, I'm disappointed that it the exec in question is Trent Reznor). To say that Youtube is "built" on content piracy is extremely disingenuous. Yes, it obviously happens there, but if someone were to remove all of the pirated content from Youtube, only a very small percentage of users would even care.

These are the words of a company that would like to see user-generated content made illegal, on the basis that a small percentage of users occasionally use it for piracy. Youtube is a tremendous example of "substantial non-infringing use".

Comment Re:Innovation (Score 4, Interesting) 165

Furthermore, I can't imagine any "innovations" that are good for the consumer coming out of all this. All Comcast and Time Warner are doing is "innovating" ways to force people to spend more money even though they're already paying ten times what the service is actually worth.

What we really need is a national law that outlaws local internet franchise agreements and prevents states and localities from outlawing municipal broadband. I'm lucky enough to live an in area with multiple ISPs, and (surprise surprise) nobody here has implemented data caps. I don't think capitalism is a perfect solution to all of our problems, but it does seem to work reasonably well for keeping internet prices under control.

Comment Re: Yeah - not at all an advert. (Score 1) 208

I love speech wreck ignition.

Incidentally, just for fun, if you have an android phone, try to use speech recognition to search for "speech wreck ignition". No matter how clearly you enunciate it and no matter how long you pause between words, it absolutely refuses to search for anything other than "speech recognition".

Comment Re:Sorry, Not Sorry (Score 1) 767

Incidentally, if you're getting a lot of (illegally) fast through traffic on your residential street, it's possible that the city isn't even aware of it. If you call the police dispatcher and let them know that you're getting a lot of speeders in your neighborhood, they might actually send out a cop to enforce the speed limit.

The city government isn't psychic. If you don't report problems, they probably aren't going to know about them.

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