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Comment Re: The Third World was first (Score 1) 184

Two weeks ago I did an experiment - uber from the airport to my hotel cost $60 including the automatic tip. Taxi from the hotel to the airport was $50!not including tip. The über ride was great, the driver was nice, the car was clean, the trip was safe. On the taxi ride the Prius was falling apart, you could see the airbag peeking out from the hole in the dash, the signal lights did not work, the driver was shifty and allots killed a couple on a Harley by cutting them off on the freeway since the taxi driver was not looking and couldn't signal. The taxi ride was scary. The consensus amongst my group was that uber wins and I don't want to take a creepy taxi unless uber really is not available. This happened in Seattle, three weeks ago.

Comment Re: RSA = out of date (Score 1) 282

Also see:

9. Intellectual Property

      Concerns about intellectual property have slowed the adoption of ECC
      because a number of optimizations and specialized algorithms have
      been patented in recent years.

      All of the normative references for ECDH (as defined in Section 4)
      were published during or before 1989, and those for KT-I were
      published during or before May 1994. All of the normative text for
      these algorithms is based solely on their respective references.

Comment Re: Curiouser and curiouser (Score 1) 397

Please re-read my posting. IEEE is very clear about patent disclosure for essential patents. IEEE does not state what FRAND actually means. Samsung is free to charge $0.00 for red hat to release ptpd, and is free to charge much more than that per device to apple for other patents which are less interesting! And in both of those cases, FRAND is satisfied.

Comment Re: Have these people never heard of IEEE754???? (Score 1) 240

Ah, jeez. If you think this is the first time someone noticed that different computers give different results,

Well, apparently the people who wrote the software that this whole article was about did not know that their software was broken because of this.

Comment Re: Curiouser and curiouser (Score 2) 397

All patents related to IEEE standards are listed on the IEEE website:

Any companies that have essential patents for an IEEE standard are required to disclose them and give letters of assurances that they will license them to users under FRAND conditions. Samsung did do this.

In my opinion, the terms that Samsung offered were not "Reasonable" and were completely out of line compared to all other license fees associated with IEEE standards. Typically these fees are "one time fees per company, often less than $1000.00 USD". I feel that this causes a "chilling effect" with all existing IEEE standards until IEEE defines what exactly "Reasonable" means. (disclaimer: I am technical editor for two IEEE standards)

Of course that in itself can be a huge problem for GPL and any open source implementations - for instance see the patents that Samsung has on Precision Time Protocol ( ) which were blocking RedHat from releasing ptpd: - It looks like in this ptpd case, Samsung was reasonable and allows people to do time stamping of packets for free as in GPL.

Regardless of my opinions, ITC said the fees to Apple were reasonable. I guess here the government steps in and says that the fees still stand but the ruling can't block the shipment of devices.

Comment Re: Have these people never heard of IEEE754???? (Score 1) 240

The reality is that the original code was not portable between supercomputers and already comes up with incorrect answers but yet people didn't realize it until now! Do you realize that this means that all the weather forecasts from the first supercomputer implementation of this program are now known to be wrong too? What is the cost of having answers that have unknown accuracy?

You don't have to use Boost - but you HAVE TO manage your intervals and accuracy and rounding errors! If you don't then you can not know what the accuracy is of your answers! Note this has relevance beyond supercomputing too - Digital Signal Processing of Audio also is adversely affected by people programming floating point filters incorrectly, causing noise artifacts and inharmonic distortion due to improper noise shaping and bad coefficient rounding and fading.


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