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Comment Re: If they ban existing vehicles I will sue (Score 1) 503

Norway has the highest amount of electric vehicles on the planet per capita even though they're a major oil producer because they pay no taxes on EVs, meaning no VAT and no additional vehicle taxes that normal cars are subject to. Additionally, electric vehicles are not subject to road tolls. AT the same time, gas costs 2 dollars a litre, meaning 7,5 dollars a gallon, and that's cheap for Norway, the last time I was there it was higher.

So all we need to do is:

Slap huge vehicle taxes on non-electric cars, Impose a hefty VAT on non-electric vehicles, And tax gasoline until it is $7.50/gal?

THEN weâ(TM)ll start to see sales of electric vehicle increase? I canâ(TM)t imagine any unintended consequences from such market manipulations, can you? /sarcasm

It's already happening (unintended consequences). Now that most modern vehicles use much less gas than before, U.S. states are losing fuel tax revenue and are starting implement 'electric car fees' to make up the difference. Uncle Sam is gonna get their pound of flesh no matter how you try to avoid it.

Comment Re:One good EMP from DPRK... (Score 3, Interesting) 199

IIRC, modern tape drives still requires that you use a firmware tape during the process, so stand-alone tape drives at least would be immune to a purely online attack. .

Nope. HP Tape Tools allow you to update firmware, perform maintenance, etc on most modern HP tape drives that are attached to your server. So conceivably, a hacker could access the backup server (assuming it has HP tape drives attached physically to it), and inject their own firmware (unless there is safeguards in the software to not allow random firmware packages to be uploaded).

Comment Re:I'm up for a corporate death penalty (Score 3, Interesting) 117

I support the death penalty. So much, in fact, that I want to see Equifax executed - in this case, by having its corporate charter revoked. They're not "too big to fail". They're not providing a valuable product to our economy. They're not America's Last Great Hope at manufacturing or anything like that. They're a rent-seeking parasite on the economy who obviously can never again be trusty with the weaponizable data they collect on everyone who lives here. Cut off its head - sacrifice it on the altar of accountability and justice - and call it done.

And as we'd lock up a street-level criminal until their trial, Equifax should be imprisoned by having its bank accounts and stock trades frozen immediately. Sure, that means it can't pay its CEO. Yes, it means its employees will break up with it in favor of more upstanding members of society. Yeah, it means it won't be able to pay rent and will probably get evicted. If all that's good enough for Joe Accused Weed Dealer, it's good enough for Equifax Accused Stalker.

Where are my mod points when I need them?? +1

Comment Re:Batteries that aren't full-cycled last longer (Score 1) 328

No, they get completely destroyed. This is why the charging circuit doesn't let you completely discharge any LiIon batteries. If you want to see what happens, get a laptop battery, run the laptop until it reports empty, and then leave the battery for a few months for the remaining charge to leak. Don't store it near anything flammable...

In radio controlled models, we have to follow the same guidelines. Most electric model ESCs (Electronic Speed Control) have a voltage cutoff setting for a given battery that will shut down the model when battery voltage drops to a specific point. If you disable the voltage cutoff, you start puffing and ruining batteries. At that point you treat that battery like a hand grenade attached to a motion detector.

Comment Re:At what Experience Level? (Score 1) 252

This is the average for all computer science majors. It is very consistent with just about every other salary survey on the subject, if not a little on the high side. Do not put too much stake in the slashdot bubble comments claiming that every code monkey is making mid-six-figures. These are coming from the same people who all claim to be over 6'4" tall with IQ180.

I'm a 22-year old Slavic Studies major who last year took a 5-day bootcamp in web development.

Now I make over $400K as a principal architect for Microsoft!

And you are trolling...

Comment Re:Complaints, complaints [Re:Here's the link to T (Score 1) 179

Hell truck drivers are in massive demand right now. I wouldn't bank on it for a long term career but if you need money can pass a CDL it'll get you to the next phase of your life.

Hell, I almost had to go to that line of work if I hadn't landed the position I just now got. Was starting to put out emails and requests for information about tuition, etc.

Have over 16 years in IT and the pickings were getting slim in this part of the country (Western Ark) for jobs that paid worth a darn. Most of the manufacturing jobs have left for Mexico and about the only jobs in abundance were either fast food or processing chickens.

Comment Re:Complaints, complaints [Re:Here's the link to T (Score 2) 179

Millenials are cheap, because there are no fucking jobs out there for them. Anyone born before 1965 could go into -any- profession and earn a living. A college degree helped as well. Come the 1980s, you could still get a good job with any major. Post 2000, especially 2008, you could have a PhD in your field, and you will not be finding work, because the only thing that matters is recent experience. That, or a H-1B.

Usually the H1B. Don't have to pay them as much.

Comment Re:Complaints, complaints [Re:Here's the link to T (Score 1) 179

Why are you targeting millennial with your comment? They don't have a monopoly on cheapness. Hell, if anything, the Boomers are *worse* cause they got it better than any generation before or since, and get pissy when anyone pushes back on their entitled attitude.

Older Gen-X here......I appreciate free stuff whenever I get it. I am only cheap when I am BROKE. If I have the funds, I will gladly pay extra for nicer things and features...

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