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Comment Re:Time for war (Score 1) 406

Maybe this would be a good time to rearm Japan. I suspect that would give China something to think about.

From recent articles I have read, Japan is pretty heavily armed already. But until recently, they could only use those weapons for self-defense.

According to this article, the new Japanese Prime Minister and his allies in goverment want to change their constitution to give them more power to use that military might.

Comment Re: This is why we need Trump (Score 5, Insightful) 277

I hope Trump gets rid of vaccinations while he's in office. These diseases are here to help rid our gene pool of bad genes, yet we keep trying to save those less fit. It only hurts our species in the long run!

We need NATURAL selection.

Jenny McCarthy is right -- even if for the wrong reasons.

Good deal. At the next Ebola outbreak, hop on a jet over to that location and help bury the bodies, but you can't wear any protective gear. If you have 'superior' genes, you should be fine, right?


Comment Re:A perfect Christmas gift... (Score 1) 188

I really miss speakers that are made with real wood enclosures they sounded so much fuller, crisper, and bigger. Then again I have a tube stack with a 4x12 oak slant back offset classic and greenback Celestions that sounds like it's a crisp 300 watts (it's only 200) compared to the new stuff anyway.

Sweet! Would like to see your rig! :)

Comment Re:Popcorn time! (Score 0, Troll) 1321

And you're goddamned right I am yelling. I am sick of idiots like you pretending they have opinions that matter.
You are an idiot, and your opinion means nothing.

Please throw yourself under a bus, you ignorant fuck. Get your own place to live and move out of Mommy's basement, shit for brains.

Comment Re:The ultimate in postmortem narcissism (Score 1) 386

The father had legitimate concerns about how she would live after 200 years if she was revived (cited in another post of mine below). You are welcome to clamor for an endless extension of life, but there are issues other than that that have to be considered, and her genius of a mom was incapable of seeing beyond the suffering of her little girl. And cryogenically freezing her would not kill her, so no, it wouldn't be murder: her cells would just be frozen until a time when they figure out how to remove her cancer

200 years from now when she is revived, she will be a citizen of the United Federation of Planets (or will become a ghoul, depending on what universe evolves). She will be provided for.

Comment What In The Fuck????? (Score 0, Flamebait) 101

"The Windows vulnerability is a local privilege escalation in the Windows kernel that can be used as a security sandbox escape. It can be triggered via the win32k.sys system call NtSetWindowLongPtr() for the index GWLP_ID on a window handle with GWL_STYLE set to WS_CHILD. Chrome's sandbox blocks win32k.sys system calls using the Win32k lockdown mitigation on Windows 10, which prevents exploitation of this sandbox escape vulnerability."

How in the hell does anyone find this shit to start with? Where does one begin when trying to find bugs and vulnerabilities? Do these folks spend day in and day out sitting on a shitbucket, eating Cheetos and Monster and have absolutely no freakin' life???? SMH....

Oh well, keeps me busy in my line of work...

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