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Comment Re:We have no idea what you like (Score 1) 1095

> The Clink Prison Museum

  Avoid this. I was in London earlier this year (half-vacation, half-work; I was doing some stuff for my master's degree), and stopped by the Clink. It's basically several rooms full of mannequins in replica torture devices and a few small, sad plaques with information you could find on Wikipedia. It definitely wasn't worth the money, even after the student discount.

Comment Re:King's Quest = hardcore (Score 3, Informative) 78

> That was my last adventure game.

You should give the old LucasArts adventures a try. They were specifically designed so that you could never get stuck or lose the game or get killed for stupid reasons. It meant you could relax and enjoy the game's story, and it was almost always well worth it.


Submission + - Microsoft begs Win 7 testers to clean install ( 2

Barence writes: "Microsoft is imploring millions of Windows 7 beta testers to perform a clean install of the forthcoming Release Candidate, rather than upgrade from the beta. "The reality is that upgrading from one pre-release build to another is not a scenario we want to focus on because it is not something real-world customers will experience," the company claims on the Engineering Windows 7 blog. Those who attempt to install the Release Candidate over the beta will find their path blocked."

Submission + - Can an Open Source Licence Be Patent-Agnostic? (

Glyn Moody writes: "Are there ever circumstances when software patents that require payment might be permitted by an open source licence? That's the question posed by a new licence that is being submitted to the Open Source Inititative (OSI) for review. The MPEG Working Group wants to release a reference implementation of the new MPEG eXtensible Middleware (MXM) standard as open source, but it also wants to be able to sell patent licences. If it can't, it might not make the implemention open source; but if it does, it might undermine the fight against software patent proliferation. So, what should be done?"

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