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Comment Re:Falsifying evidence? (Score 5, Informative) 666

Assuming you are NOT under arrest, and they don't seem to be digging on you (eg "did you see such and such back over there") not being an ass and actually being helpful is the nice and ethical thing to do.

Completely wrong. The problem is that police officers have shown time and again that they are NOT ethical. Keep in mind that a cop is ALWAYS gathering evidence. Sure you know you didn't do anything, but you were nearby. Now you're a suspect. Wait, you were by yourself, so now no alibi. The cop will then of course make stuff up like you looked nervous or seemed anxious. Suddenly you're a prime suspect. At this point all it takes is an eye witness (people see things incorrectly all the time, police can pressure someone to talk) which carry way more weight in court than they should and you're going to jail.

You may think this sounds crazy, but just look at people finally being proven innocent by DNA years later. Turns out the cops and prosecutors got a bead on them and simply make stuff up to make the case work. Don't think police make stuff up? Read this.

A friend of mine is a lawyer. His advice, never speak to the police without your lawyer present. First, he can obviously advise you and second the cop can't later lie in court about what was said.

Comment Re:What are these words? (Score 1) 666

You think Ohio is bad? Read about the crooked cops in Denver. Better yet they are still on the force! Even better is that these are only the ones they know about!

The list includes the names of about 81 officers still on the force out of 1,434. At least eight officers on the list have two or more violations. One officer has three violations.

The officers on the list have been found to have committed violations in at least one of the following categories: departing from the truth, violating the law, making false reports, making misleading or inaccurate statements, committing a deceptive act, engaging in conduct prohibited by law, engaging in aggravated conduct prohibited by law, conspiring to commit conduct prohibited by law, soliciting or accepting a bribe, removing reports or records, destroying reports or records or altering information on official documents.

At least seven officers are on the list for driving under the influence. At least 13 of the officers are on the list for violations involving dishonesty, considered a fireable offense at many police departments because such a finding could call into question whether an officer would testify truthfully.

And those are just the ones whose cases have been resolved with a finding that the complaint was "sustained." An untold number of other officers may be under investigation for dishonesty but testifying on any given day with no notice to the defense.

Comment Re:Job-killing Tax Hikes (Score 1) 548

The real problem is that neither side is right. Tax hikes on the 'rich' and cutting some pork out of the budget is akin to using a 5 gallon bucket to bail out water while on the titanic. At this point neither will do much. The only way out of this is really a complicated plan no one wants to hear.

First, tax rates across the board need to rise some. Back to Clinton levels would probably be okay, but the government would need to be careful to not kill growth. Revenue growth is key. People like to rip on Reagan, and rightly so for his spending, but if you look at his second year as president once his tax cuts went into place, the federal revenue went way up over the Carter years. The entire economy grew and lower rates led to more revenue. Of course this only works to a point and we're likely below that point right now.

Second, pork while fun to point out is ignoring the elephants in the room - all of the government entitlement programs and military. These have to be scaled back. We have pushed the can down the line too long at this point. Obviously people want more programs when they are essentially free. Well it's time for the frank conversation that they are in fact not free.

The final piece is healthcare costs. This has to also be addressed in order to do any real problem solving because they tie into item two.

Without the three above pieces in place any talk of fixing the deficit or budge is basically bullshit rhetoric, and both sides are equally guilty of spouting this nonsense.

Comment Re:Can we get this judge... (Score 1) 415

I had something similar happen. I had mallet finger and it took 2 5 minute visits to the doctor to fix it. First visit was to imobilize the finger, second visit 8 weeks later to to check that it worked. The doctors office was in a hospital and hospital billing decided to charge my insurance company for a surgery. I noticed it and called the billing department in the hospital and all I got was "oh yeah, sorry about trying to charge you thousands of more dollars, it's fixed now."

What it should be is a clear fraud case.

Comment Re:Is that is why it is begging Samsung for Amoled (Score 1) 350

Other MP3 players: you connect them to your computer. You drag your music onto them. Done.

iPod: You connect it to your computer. Oops, but first you need to install iTunes. So do that. A half-hour later, you find out that first you have to drag your music INTO ITUNES. An hour or so after that, you discover you can't say what music iTunes should copy unless the iPod is already connected. So you connect it, and wait a few HOURS for iTunes to copy whatever it wants to over, and only THEN can you tell iTunes which music you REALLY wanted over. So then you get to wait a couple of hours again.

Not to interrupt your rant, but playlists are a much easier way to manage music rather than copying files all over the place. You can make lots of playlists in iTunes [1], plug in your ipod tell it to sync those lists and you're done. Even a very large ipod doesn't take hours to sync. Best part is that you can manage those playlists (ignoring files...ugh) and the next time you plug in your ipod it will sync again. iOS5 is bringing OTA syncing so you won't even need to plug it into the computer, just a power source.

[1] Other music management software I assume now does it the same way with playlists.

Comment Re:Who did the R&D work? (Score 1) 350

Exactly. The other thing Apple seems to do is fine new tech that is coming, but not quite there yet. Then they go ahead and buy a huge amount of said tech up front and help pay to finish the tech/design/fabs. For the risk that Apple takes they get a good price for a certain number of units and exclusive rights for a period of time simply because the factory is working to fill the pre-order that Apple made.

It's a great business move by Apple and a smart way to leverage their cash reserves. It also requires a very strong long term vision from the top, and I wonder if Apple will be able to keep that up when SJ leaves.

Comment Re:Yay! (Score 1) 246

years ago they fought over advertising and even now limit what can be said

Keep in mind that fight was not just about competition. Many good lawyers were mad at being seen in a bad light by the endless commercials for 'the strong arm' or whatever those late night clowns like to call themselves. The end result was that advertising is fine, but don't make a mockery of the profession while doing it.

Comment Re:AAC? Meh. (Score 2) 391

Um, because AAC is superior to MP3 and any modern portable player/phone/device will play non DRMed AACs (like you find in in ITMS or the new iCloud) just fine. From wiki (other portable players):

Creative Zen Portable
Microsoft Zune
SanDisk Sansa (some models)
Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) with firmware 2.0 or greater
Sony Walkman
Nintendo DSi
Any portable player that fully supports the Rockbox third party firmware

Comment Re:The one thing I fear - more prosecutions (Score 2) 391

Great conspiracy and all, but just not going to happen. Apple has paid the labels in order to do the matching. I'm guessing the contract with the labels has some terms that specifically prevents the labels from attempting to use any of this data to go after people. Think about it. If Apple lets the labels go after users then their iCloud is dead hours after the first lawsuit.

This isn't about Apple being altruistic, it's about Apple wanting to do whatever it takes to move people into the iCloud (and of course start those 24.99/year fees).

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