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Comment Re:It's more fun to build it yourself (the machine (Score 0, Troll) 229

The phrase RTFM springs to mind, for some reason. That the OP, and the several follow-up posters I responded to, didn't recognize the reference to, arguable, the premier case modder/builder out there isn't my problem. My time's as valuable as yours, if you don't feel like doing some digging, don't. You got the link, do what you will with it.

Comment Re:Well, if it ws me... (Score 1) 214

Well, considering the application they're running, ie a discussion board, I doubt they'd have 30TB of data. In this particular situation, I think it's a viable solution. My point was that if they're worried about their data, they shouldn't have it accessable via the intertubes =p. Ymmv, but if it was me, and I had 30TB of data, I wouldn't be backing it up remotely over the net anyway.

Comment In Other News... (Score 1) 1127

Local celebrity and all around gadfly Count Dracula has seemingly developed a penchant for biting the necks of his acquaintances. When asked why he began this, he replied:

"Well, I was over at Bill's house (and what a house, I might add), and he mentioned sucking the life out of the computer industry. I just put two and two together. Bill's my hero!"

Comment Re:What about Microsoft? (Score 5, Interesting) 365

"Sure, but what about Microsoft, or Adobe, or various other companies that make software? Won't this be competing directly with them? It's bad enough that they have to compete with FOSS as is, but FOSS supercharged with two billion government dollars?"

Isn't capitalism supposed to be based on a free market economy? I'm sure that the government hires Adobe and Microsoft to work on software projects they don't readily talk about, doesn't that compete with FOSS software? Seems to me corporate America is all for the free market economy except when it's not to their favor.

Comment To my mind... (Score 1) 1117

it's a completely unworkable plan. Five minutes after the student gets the Macbook he/she will have jailbroke it and will be posting how-tos on their myspace page. Repeat after me: "Not learning from past mistakes gets me an automatic failing grade. I can't force submission to autocratic standards."

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