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Comment Re: Round and round... (Score 4, Informative) 170

I realize that ships burn bunker fuel, but even that is made from crude and subject to price changes in proportion to crude oil prices. While we're not talking a jump from $1 to $3 a gallon, a 10 cent to 30 cent spike makes a big difference to a shipping company. And while oil prices will fluctuate with the market we keep adding people to this planet and we keep growing economies and energy demand - oil prices will invariably rise over time. One day wind propulsion might make a real comeback.

Comment Re:Who do you trust more - Facebook, or the govern (Score 1) 117

They keep statistics for how much ROI they get on different platforms.

No they don't. They can and they should, but they don't. Market research is something my wife does - and at a very high level in Fortune 500 companies - is something companies are spending less and less on each year. They think they can replace a trained researcher with survey monkey in the hands of a marketing graduate (market research != marketing kind of like a statistician is not an engineer). The attitude among companies is that market research is a waste of money and they can just guess if an ad is "good" or "bad" and go with their gut feeling - which is often completely wrong due to any number of biases. They generate statistics and studies that they don't understand or don't know how to apply. Etc. So yes you are right that they keep statistics. But they often have no idea what those statistics actually mean. You would be shocked at the stuff I've heard country and regional level marketing people say - and I only know what I know about research by "osmosis".

Comment Re:Who do you trust more - Facebook, or the govern (Score 1) 117

Who cares if advertising people spend money on fake info?

Because it's money that could be spent elsewhere. Like compensation for employees, or new machinery, or bigger offices, etc. Or it could not be spent at all. Who do you think pays for this? You do. You seem perfectly happy paying more for goods and services so that companies can throw your money away. Well done, consumer.

Comment Re:Bitcoin is... (Score 1) 179

Obviously you think you're right and I'm wrong, so what point would there be in sharing anything? Let me continue to be wrong, and you go ahead and make all your right moves and we'll all agree that I'm an idiot who knows nothing. If that's not the case then it's even worse and you think there's some sort of trick, game or scheme to "beat" the market. Save yourself some pain and some money and realize that there isn't. All there is is hard work.

Comment Re:Keep in mind (Score 1) 179

This difference explains much.

Only in your mind. You must be a pretty terrible scientist. You assigned me the identity of beancounter. Next you use this assignment to explain your superiority. Congrats with your hypothesis - except of course if your first assumption is false, everything that follows is also false. I am no beancounter. I also am a scientist. But you see intelligent people enjoy educating themselves across many fields. I'll let you work out what your aversion to learning for yourself says about you.

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