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Comment Re:Absolutely baffling (Score 3, Insightful) 248

The issue is that 98% of people who use office exchange documents with the other 2%.

So logically it's the 98% that must adapt and keep up with the 2%, right? Something is wrong with the logic here. At some point the 2% need to realize that the tail doesn't wag the dog anymore.

Comment Re:Absolutely baffling (Score 1) 248

upgrade every year or two

Something absolutely unnecessary nowadays for 99.9% of the user base. Back when tech was young - hell yeah, you needed to upgrade constantly or you'd miss that critical new functionality. Now every few years brings marginal increments in "features" and very little new. Unless we're talking about that radical decision of making ALL THE MENUS IN CAPS...

My generation is the one that grew up with the constant upgrade drive. Fortunately (or not), we're starting to leave the workforce as we get older. Heck, do millennials even use word processors and spreadsheets?

Comment Re: Messed up IP laws (Score 2) 95

If the contract between two businesses states that the company should get royalties or attribution for works produced by the software, then it's entirely possible that they are due royalties

You can't have a contract with someone and hope to enforce that contract on the 3rd party. Otherwise let's you and me sign a contract right now saying that any money earned by any of your neighbors is mine forever. Rearden LLC had a licensing agreement with one or more Chinese firms. Disney might have "borrowed" software from said Chinese firms. Said Chinese firms might even be liable TO DISNEY for not warning Disney about their arrangement with Rearden LLC. Disney never made any arrangements with Rearden LLC. Rearden LLC can go after the Chinese firms to try to enforce said contract. GOOD LUCK enforcing it with Disney.

Comment Re:Not exactly (Score 1) 67

Which is why instead of putting money into those like all the other nerds you might as well just take it to the casino and bet all that money on black. Or red. Either way you have a 47.4% of walking away with double your money, which is a lot better odds than you'll get by buying into these currencies and hoping you'll be able to get out with a profit. Sure - people have made money. A lot more people have lost money - which is how this works. Expect the "value" of these currencies to see-saw back and forth over time as new waves of suckers get taken to the cleaners.

Comment Pharmacology (Score 5, Informative) 316

I remember from my pharmacology course my teacher told us that the ONLY compound you should never take once it has expired is acetaminophen/paracetamol since it breaks down to NAPQI all by itself over time. Everything else, however, is not toxic. It just simply loses potency over time.

Of course as a physician prescribing medication you would never recommend taking expired medication since, as mentioned in TFA, the manufacturer does not guarantee potency. Therefore you cannot know if the therapeutic dose can be reached in your patient. Since there's a risk of patients not being treated with expired meds, you always recommend they take non expired medication.

Comment No argument (Score 5, Insightful) 551

Windows 10 is arguably successful from a market share perspective

Arguably successful - 26% market share after 2 years of being given away FREE, sneakily ninja-installed on many people's computers without their consent or through ethically dubious tricks like requiring people to agree NOT to install it, and shipped as the standard OEM OS for all new PC's for at least the past year. No, Windows 10 is a MASSIVE failure in terms of market share.

Comment Re:Rule 1. Don't attract attention. (Score 3, Insightful) 112

Did his house in Thailand say "AlphaBay Founder". They found HIM then they figured out where to get him. No one issued a warrant for "the person or persons living at IP XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX". So if they know who to arrest, it's not hard to put the flag to stop him at the border of any cooperating country.

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