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Comment Why I quit school (Score 1) 715

As an older coder, I tried to finish my bachelor's several years ago, until I flashed on the fact that I would be competing with a bunch of 20-somethings for the available positions. An older adult, even a male, has a snowball's chance of getting a cutting-edge IT job in the current atmosphere.

Comment I'm still a hacker (Score 1) 446

I'm still a "hacker" 25 years after getting my first computer, studying data processing and computer science, and writing and maintaining software. I never cared for the term "software engineer." Back when I started, "hacker" wasn't a bad word. A good "hack" meant a great prank, or a really cool or elegant solution to a difficult programming problem. It was also used by hardware folks, since most of us could take our computers apart and put them back together ourselves.

Professionally I have always used the word "programmer.". People in IT and management both respect the word, and you don't sound like you are trying to make yourself some titled position, like "sanitation engineer" instead of "garbage man."

Comment Saw this yesterday (Score 1) 225

I liked the film, honestly. I took my dad, who likes westerns, and he enjoyed it also. Granted, the mcguffin (aliens want our gold!) was stupid, but otherwise the film's action held up. I liked that Harrison Ford's character was given some depth instead of him being the town asshole through the whole movie. Daniel Craig's character was also more complex than needed for an action film, which was nice.

Someone had told me this was based on a graphic novel. Is that not the case? Judging from the complaints about the "8 writers" I guess not. I had attributed the poor mcguffin to the source material.

Comment Re:the "true Scotsman" fallacy (Score 1) 760

Merely protesting doesn't make one a Boomer. It's WHAT you protested that mattered.

There was a core set of beliefs that the counter-culture Boomers shared, and it was NOT that the Vietnam war was good, it wasn't supporting Republicans, it wasn't supporting the spending on war machines.

And please, don't bring out the tired "birther" nonsense. No matter what proof those idiots are shown, they say it isn't good enough, while at the same time Orly Taits keeps producing "Kenyan" birth certificates that have repeatedly been proven to be forgeries. He's President of the United States. Get over it.

Comment Re:Baby Boomers fucking things up yet again. (Score 1) 760

OK, you may be talking about soccer moms and dads, but I voted Republican only ONCE, in 1980, for Reagan. Mostly because Carter was not getting the hostages back from Iran. I was just 19, so I blame my youth and ignorance.

I've grown up since then, and haven't voted for a Republican since.

PS - I'd love to see ANYTHING rammed up Limburger's a$$, since he's always talking about having to "bend over and take it."

Comment Re:Baby Boomers fucking things up yet again. (Score 1) 760

Presidents don't run up deficits. Congress does.

Would you like to do a fair analysis, or just harp on bullshit fallacies that makes your side look good?

By not including war appropriations in the budget, Bush WAS responsible for the whacked out accounting of his two terms in office. You can't just leave billions of dollars "off the books" because it sounds better than if you put it in the budget.

So, yes, Congress is responsible. And so is Bush.

Comment Nothing wrong with either one (Score 1) 709

I started with BASIC, like a lot of hackers from my generation. Learned LOGO as well, then on to 6502 ASM, Pascal, 8086 ASM, all on my Apple //e! BASIC gives immediate feedback, and so it good for the beginner. I think starting someone on OOP or other advanced concepts from the beginning is a mistake, since students need a rudimentary understanding of basic programming concepts first, which BASIC and LOGO do very well. I guess I'm saying you can't understand the real power of modern OOP languages without doing it "the hard way" first.

Comment Re:Baby Boomers fucking things up yet again. (Score 3, Insightful) 760

As a Baby Boomer myself, I take offense at that. I'd like to point out that during the 70's, we had mostly Nixon and Ford in the White House, with poor Jimmy Carter only there for the remaining 4 yrs. Then the 80's were all Reagan and Bush. In the 90's, Clinton balanced the budget and left a surplus, which was quickly squandered by Bush II on a trumped up war in Iraq.

All of the Republican Presidents named ran up huge deficits, while claiming to be "fiscal conservatives."

"Real" Baby Boomers, who were the ones protesting in the 60's and 70's, were NOT Republicans. I think I can say that pretty much as a blanket statement. They were, by definition, liberals. They opposed war in all its forms. They were for cutting the budgets of the "military-industrial complex" (Eisenhower's words*). They were for solar energy, and earth homes and dozens of other ways of cutting our dependence on foreign oil.

So don't blame the Baby Boomers. Blame the Alex P. Keatons of that generation. They were NOT true Boomers. They just happened to ride along with us.

*"..We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex."--In Eisenhower's farewell address, Jan. 1961


Submission + - SpaceX needs your help (

An anonymous reader writes: Elon Musk of SpaceX fame is organizing a Congressperson writeup to sway votes in the upcoming NASA budget approval. SpaceX is hoping a grassroots effort will same preserve the dollars the Obama administration allocated to commercial spaceflight, and that were subsequently stripped from House and Senate version of the bill in order to fund a government designed, successor to the defunct Constellation program.

Submission + - Is America ready for NBC's "Outsourced?" ( 1

dcblogs writes: NBC's new fall season includes the TV show, Outsourced. It begins with the layoff of a U.S. call center and stars a young American whose only hope of continuing employment is to take a job managing the company's new call center in India. NBC is gambling that U.S. workers are ready to laugh about offshore outsourcing. The producers are hoping it humanizes Indian workers for American audiences. Managers in India wonder if the show will protray the brutally long workdays of offshore workers. The person who developed The Office, Ken Kwapis, is also behind this show which begins Sept. 23. a clip.

Submission + - CNet Scandal: Virus-laden Files (

starrsoft writes: CNet's claims, "We test all software products submitted to us against a comprehensive set of criteria... [we screen] for common viruses and spyware... We will not list software that contains viruses, Trojan horses..." Despite this, they're hosting software with a virus circa-1999, something incredibly simple to catch. This shows their virus-screening process is totally inadequate. Also, the user-rating for this software is 1-star (with the reviews screaming "Virus!"), while CNet editors gave it a 5-star rating; apparently CNet doesn't review user-ratings or have a process to automatically flag for manual review a piece of software that gets consistent 1-star reviews

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