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Submission + - Microsoft support for Functional Programming in F#

mugnyte writes: Microsoft Watch and a bag of other writers are abuzz over Microsoft Research's F# (A functional language specification based on CAML) getting full support in an upcoming release of Visual Studio. F# was developed by Don Syme at the MS Research UK office. F# is one of many languages (like Comega, formerly X#, Xen and others) that Microsoft Research is exploring for it's .NET platform.

Submission + - World's Smallest Trophy up for Grabs (physicscentral.com)

BuzzSkyline writes: "The American Physical Society is offering what they claim will be the smallest trophy ever made for the winning entry in the football-themed NanoBowl video contest. The NanoBowl trophy is being made by the Craighead research group of Cornell University, which also produced the nanoguitar (the holder of the Guinness Book record for the smallest guitar). The trophy will include features a billionth of a meter across, and will only be visible under powerful electron and scanning-tunneling microscopes. Apparently, the nanotrophy will be awarded in a ceremony to be held in a phone booth on Super Bowl Sunday 2008."

Submission + - iPhone/iPod Touch jailbreak exploit code released (toc2rta.com)

NixLuver writes: "Niacin released the source code for his now-famous iPhone/iPod tiff exploit that allows us to use the iPhone and the iPod Touch as the full-blown unix computing platform they want to be — five months before Apple is willing to (maybe) do the same thing. For a look inside the coding style and vision of the guys (Niacin and dre) that made it all possible, check out this post ."

Submission + - Google News Launches Facebook Application (newscloud.com) 1

NewsCloud writes: "Eight days after Google CEO Eric Schmidt told Zeitgeist conference attendees that social networks account for an 'enormous proportion [of Internet usage]...it's a very real phenomenon,' Google News launched its own Facebook application. Says Google News:

This experimental application enables users to create custom sections or select from a set of pre-defined topics, then browse and share stories with their friends on Facebook. We are trying a couple things differently with this application, and it is still in beta, but we think that it adds value to the Facebook experience and to users' overall news experience.
Check out Google News on Facebook (requires registration) — or view screenshot."

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Stallman Attacked by Ninjas (yale.edu)

vivIsel writes: When RMS took the stage to address the Yale Political Union, Yale's venerable parliamentary debate society, it was already an unusual speech: instead of the jacket and tie customary there, he sported a T shirt, and no shoes. But then he was attacked by ninjas. Apparently some students took it into their head to duplicate an XKCD webcomic before a live audience — luckily, though, Stallman didn't resort to violence. Instead, he delivered an excellent speech about DRM.
United States

Submission + - 15% of United States Workforce Routinely Drunk (sciencedaily.com) 3

bl8n8r writes: "According to an article based on research conducted by the University of Buffalo, Alcohol use and impairment at work is a problem for 15% of the U.S. workforce (19.2 million people). Not surprisingly, Among the broad group of occupations with the highest rate of use were the management and sales occupations with grounds maintenance pulling in an honorable mention. Perhaps the next interview will go better if you bring along some Crown Royal"

Submission + - CmdrTaco Interviewed on Wired

lbmouse writes: He whose moniker is a bad business lunch restaurant name has an interview on wired concerning Slashdot's Decennial anniversary.

Submission + - PEBKAC Still Plagues PC Security (arstechnica.com)

Billosaur writes: "ARS Technica is reporting on a study release by McAfee and the National Cyber Security Alliance (as part of the beginning of National Cyber Security Awareness Month) that suggests when it comes to PC security, the problem between the keyboard and the chair is even worse. PEBKAC has always been a problem, but the study highlights just how prevalent it has become. 87 percent of the users contacted said they used anti-virus software, while 70 percent use anti-spyware software. Fewer (64 percent) reported having their firewalls turned on, and only 27 percent use software designed to stop phishing attempts. Researchers were allowed to scan the computers of a subset of the users, and while 70 percent claimed to be using anti-spyware software, only 55 percent of the machines of those users scanned showed evidence of the software."
The Courts

Submission + - RIAA's First Trial Starts Today in Duluth

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "The RIAA's first trial starts today, in Duluth, Minnesota, in Virgin v. Thomas. The case is being widely covered by, among others, Associated Press, Wired, and Ars Technica. Since a number of people have indicated they will be going to the courthouse and watching the trial, I am hoping for citizen coverage as well. If any of you get to the trial and can report back, drop a comment here as well. The day before the trial the Judge excluded 784 pages of documents the record companies needed to prove they actually own the copyrights to 14 of the recordings in question, because they had failed to turn over the documents when they were supposed to, instead waiting until 2 weeks before the date of trial."

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