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Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 270

No, but Adobe is. They have a long history of doing stupid things, then waiting until the actual consumer release to "discover" that their product has a problem and not fixing it until the next major release thereby preventing their users from upgrading OS.

In this case CS3 may actually work, they just aren't going to promise it so people will pay to upgrade and Adobe doesn't have to do any support on CS3.

Comment Workaround is disaster for laptops (Score 5, Insightful) 421

The workaround (flushing everything to disk before the rename) is a disaster for laptops or anything else which might wish to spin down a disk drive.

The write-replace idiom is used when a program is updating a file and can tolerate the update being lost in a crash, but wants either the old or the new to be intact and uncorrupted. The proposed sync solution accomplishes this, but at the cost of spinning up the drive and writing the blocks at each write-replace. How often does your browser update a file while you surf? Every cache entry? Every history entry? What about your music player? Desktop manager? All of these will be spin up your disk drive.

Hiding behind POSIX is not the solution. There needs to be a solution that supports write-replace without spinning up the disk drive.

The ext4 people have kindly illuminated the problem. Now it is time to define a solution. Maybe it will be some sort of barrier logic, maybe a new kind of sync syscall. But it needs to be done.

Comment Re:Who do you trust with a death ray? (Score 1) 275

Your numbers are likely off by several orders of magnitude. 100W/m2 is 1/10th the energy density of direct sunlight. i.e. you can do ten times better than that with a flat mirror, no concentration.

Who says it has to a be a centimeter wavelength? How about the 95GHz pain beam? (I haven't checked to see what the atmosphere does at that wavelength, I would suspect clouds block it at the very least, but given that light is shorter wavelength and it penetrates well, I'm fairly certain there will be something between cm and nm that also works well.)

Of course in normal operation your 1000 units would beam to 1000 different reception sites at a safe level, it is only when you want to destroy someone that you divert them all to your enemy.

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