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Comment Corpus Quality (Score 1) 55

Sounds good if they make the corpus freely available. Having lots of free high quality audio recorded from modern digital microphones would be useful. Voxforge recordings tend to be poor quality, TIMIT is still proprietary despite being over 30 years old now, and the TEDLIUM corpus recordings seem to have a horrible amount of reverb/echo in them.

Comment Online (Score 1) 475

'Forever' is a long time.

'Offline' is difficult to deal with long-term (i am thinking decades to centuries) such is the nature of technology and the lack of any real history we have of digital data management,
  Personally I would say the best bet is keeping your data 'live' online to some extent, it is the only real way to monitor and control the inevitable decay.
  Basically your data's lifespan is related to how long you can convince someone to care for it for you.

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