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Aussie Researchers Crack Transport Crypto, Get Free Rides 88

mask.of.sanity writes "Shoddy customised cryptography by a state rail outfit has been busted by a group of Australian researchers who were able to replicate cards to get free rides. The flaws in the decades-old custom cryptographic scheme were busted using a few hundred dollars' worth of equipment. The unnamed transport outfit will hold its breath until a scheduled upgrade to see the holes fixed."

Comment Short term shareholder value (Score 3, Informative) 286

What do you do when you are trying to maximize short term shareholder value in a distribution based business?
Cut R&D, get rid of sales staff for new markets...
Hit your profit goal, sell stock, get bonus by the time the company goes under you're long gone with your friends at McKinney.
Usually it takes 3 years in hardware for a R&D cut to show in sales figures... Mark it down also mark down the current CEO will be chilling on his new island by that time

Comment Re:Obligated to point out another security concern (Score 1) 226

Those were replacement parts purchased on contract. Some small business probably got the contract for replacement parts and decided to cut corners

For items that absolutely need to be TAA compliant a lot of auditing is done. Especially with products that require that all handling is done on a NOFORN basis. If one of the units we manufacture and market under these regulations would be found to have a ROC sourced component it would be good night sweetheart for us.

Comment Re:Must be true... (Score 4, Informative) 519

This is the model that passed peer review despite not passing the smell test, right?
Also the model that hasn't predicted anything yet? It simply correctly models past elections back to 1980. That's not quite the same thing.

A lot of it is also crap: The model for example claims a huge multiplier effect for unemployment ONLY for incumbent Dems, incumbent Reps are not affect by unemployment in this model.

Basically they threw bunch of crap of crap together , tweaked it until they got past elections correct... it also required them to be able to selectively dismiss 7 measurements from 8 elections

And not I didn't come up with this analysis, Nate Silver did.

Comment Re:Is the judge a member of Anon? (Score 5, Interesting) 325

The ones without a filter are called former sales engineers.

If you ever see a SE with an amazing resume but 3 or 4 recent 1-2 year stints on there? Those tend to be the ones whose filter broke mid career. I love those. They are a fantastic resource for competition research... it's like a waterfall of delicious negativity.

Comment Made in the US of foreign and domestic content (Score 1) 241

That would be the technically accurate claim and for a number of hardware products that my employer manufactures.

In our example we assemble in the US, design in the US, program the firmware in the US, program the chips in the US but source a number of the raw parts from TAA compliant countries. I'm pretty sure the Nexus Q can claim pretty much the same manufacturing mix minus the TAA compliance, not that that matters for a consumer device.

That said I'm going to buy one... I don't care if it ends up being a paper weight, I'll support on-shoring wherever I get a chance.

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