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Comment Re:Can we please get writer's names (Score 2) 118

Clearly this is because SJW types are blocking Heroic Aryan Ubermensch In Space novels. We all know that if these novels were given their rightful place, that people would be lining up down the street to find out what the hyper-masculine blue-eyed blond haired space hero was up to; like grabbing pussies, beating on brown skinned people, keeping the master race safe from suspicious foreign bodily fluids.

Comment Re:with linux it's just an boot flag to turn off t (Score 1) 100

Yes, I'm not clear why MS can't just check the CPU ID and decide functionality based on that. There must be other oddities of X86/64 architecture between different processor families that require MS to turn features on or off, or even alter the nature of functionality.

Comment Re: Uh huh (Score 0) 222

Well then, you can show your publication history. Clearly you possess the killing critique of climatology, so go on, where have you published? I mean, you wouldn't just be lying and aping some denier site you frequent? You actually can personally demonstrate your capacity to critique and falsify AGW modeling, right?

Comment Re:Uh huh (Score 2, Insightful) 222

You actually don't know what a trend is, do you? And of course, despite that you're a super genius who is the first to think "should we enter solar output into our climate model". Despite your obvious lack of knowledge of statistics, my god, you must be so goddamned smart. You'd better right over to your nearest university, go kick in the door in the atmospheric studies department, throw them out and make it clear you expect a Nobel Prize for your brilliant, if utterly unfounded, insights.

Comment Re:They're just doing this now??? (Score 3, Insightful) 205

Government for the Idiots, by the Idiots, and of the Idiots.

Whether 9/10s of what Wolff writes in his book is invention and exaggeration, the fact a guy with his long-established reputation was walking around the White House just baffles me. What the fuck is wrong with Trump's people? Are they all fucking idiots? At every turn, this is an Administration seemingly hell bent on fucking itself over.

Comment Re:Not a free market decision (Score 1) 192

The problem is that you have to know what those negative externalities are. In a lot of historical cases, at least, there was little or no data available to help any lawmaker or regulator assess just how much environmental damage was being done. By the time everyone knew just how dangerous these various kinds of toxic dumps or dumping of waste into waterways and so forth were, the damage had already been done.

Of course, even now, where we know that a certain byproduct is causing significant changes, the industry and its supporters are fighting a full on war to prevent any kind of taxation, or heck even regulation, involved in mitigation. The amount of money the fossil fuel industry has spent denying or undermining research and public awareness into AGW demonstrates just how difficult it can be to impose a tax that factors in the negative effects of an industry. Christ, even talking about a sugar tax or regulating the amount of sugar in foods will get the sugar industry and its defenders wrapping themselves in the flag and going on about how they're defending peoples' freedoms.

The problem, as you say, is that governments have all too happily taken their cut from these industries, and have thus made themselves part of the problem, and by allowing these industries to basically buy government complicity, they now find themselves on the back foot when they have to start reigning these industries in.

Comment Re:Not a free market decision (Score 1) 192

Bureaucracies, private or public, tend to have a level of "unresponsiveness", or rather, they have their own particular momentum. But government, at least at the elected level, is a place where I, as a voter, have some say. And yes, it is to government that the citizens ultimately must go if corporations won't listen. It is the right of the people to petition Congress, after all. There's no such right when it comes to a corporate boardroom. Even most shareholders hardly have any rights in that particular venue, but if you're not a shareholder, you have even less.

And ultimately, if you're going to have regulations, then you're going to have to have regulators, and those regulators are going to be government employees. And they are going to have to be empowered, in one form or another, to impose sanctions of some kind on any private interest that violates the regulations. Whether that's pollution, financial malfeasance or other forms of lawbreaking, it's government's job to hold private interests to account.

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