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Comment Re:Lincense wars in... (Score 5, Insightful) 1098

Absolutely the case. I just find it entertaining that everyone gets so caught up in the how we make our software free that they forget it's still open source either way. Let the dev choose how they want others to use their code and don't worry about it. Do we have to have one license without the other? Can't they coexist peacefully?

Comment Re:This just in (Score 1) 193

...and you just brought it back to my point. They didn't need to go through this exercise to prove the point, the fact that numbers can lie isn't news. Thanks for taking it so seriously, I recommend you lighten up.

Although I'm glad they made this as it was a well-thought funny read, even if it did come from Facebook.

Comment Re:*sigh* (Score 1) 417

I think people misunderstand the way Linux/Windows handle memory. It seems like people have a hard time grasping that these OSes will cache data in "free" memory and not report it as free. This does not make 7 (for example) a memory hog over XP, it just makes better use of all available RAM.

That being said VMs (among other things) consume lots of RAM, so there are cases where more than 4-8GB may be necessary for a workstation/gaming PC.

Comment Re:Winamp is still the best player around! (Score 1) 188

WinAmp's "Smart View", which is likely what you're using to generate playlists from ratings is the single best feature I can think of.

It lets me use ratings in my mp3s, along with checks for genre, year, etc. to generate very custom playlists. Coupled with Shoutcast you've basically got an automated radio station. Personally I forgo the shoutcast typically, but love the smart views + shuffle for taking control of my listening away from myself (I hate it when I ruin a good song for myself through over-listening).

Making playlists from a Smart View makes for an easy way to pick out good music for your portable devices if they don't have the storage for your entire collection. It's nice to have full albums, but I find they aren't necessary on your portables.

Comment Re:Cost? (Score 1) 310

Does that account for time spent removing the stock firmware and switching to openwrt, or the time unbricking the device if anything goes wrong? Just saying, I think it's best to leave software out of a hardware price comparison.

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